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Garage + Storage - 6.0m x 6.0m - 44mm Wooden Garage Building

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Log Garage + Storage 6m x 6m - 44mm wall logs, single bay log garage with exterior overhang and storage section.

 This fantastic 6m x 6m Garage with Storage section is a fantastic 44mm log garage from our manufacturer Eurovudas, offering a single bay for parking. The model includes a single door leading to the storage section which also has a single window in the side to provide plenty of light and also the standard gate doors for securing your vehicles away.

Garage + Storage Quick Facts
 Base Size Metric 5.81m x 5.81m
 Base Size Imperial 19ft 1 ins x 19ft 1 ins
 Log Thickness 44mm
 Roof Type Apex
 Floor Area 24.46m2
 Wall Height 2.23m
Ridge Height 2.93m
Roof Boards 19mm
Floor Boards None
 Door  Double Garage Door (1)
Single (1)
 Window  Single (1)
Glazing Double
Reversible Construction Available Yes


Garage + Storage Pricing
Cabin Price £4755
 Shingle Tiles £420
1 x Single Door Shutters £105
1 x Single Window Shutters £45
ProBase - 144 Tiles £850


Garage + Storage Installation Pricing
Cabin with Roofing Material £1870
 Concrete Base £3695
ProBase Fitting & Supply £1710


Please click the below image to download the installation guide for this building. The installation guide provides you with the floor plans, specification and also full parts list.


Garage + Storage Installation Guide Cover