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ProBase Tiles - 0.50m x 0.50m Size Each

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Example of ProBase fitted, excluding the shingle.

ProBase Calculator

Width (m)    x     Depth (m)

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What is ProBase? 

ProBase is an interlocking super strong base system made from recycled plastic that can be used as a base for log cabins, summerhouses and other timber buildings as well as an easy way to create a pathway or driveway. It is a simple to use, reliable system that when installed correctly creates a firm level base that is one of the strongest grid base systems available. 

ProBase has been thoroughly tested both in the lab and in the field for its strength and durability with tests showing that with it’s 49 load spreading feet it has a crush rate of 190 tonnes per square metre, making it more than up for the job. 

The unique modular cell design of the ProBase tiles allow for ventilation under the building as well as drainage, with also the option of adding shingle gravel to further help with drainage or for aesthetic reasons.

ProBASE Shed and Log Cabin Board

How will ProBase be delivered?

ProBase is delivered directly to your door, designed to arrive before your timber building to allow you time to install before your building arrives. 

Delivery is usually made within 5 working days of your order being placed with us.

What’s included in the kit? 

The kit is very simple to use and comes supplied with a weed control membrane, 50cm x 50cm x 4cm injection moulded tiles and locking pins. 

How do you install ProBase?

Probase is very simple to install yourself onto level ground, or alternatively you can always instruct a local landscape gardener to install it for you. For a successful installation, you will require approximately 1 bulk bag of 10mm pea shingle for every 9 square metres subject to the existing ground, and unfortunately Cabins Unlimited will not fit a cabin onto a ProBASE fitted by a customer or a local contractor they have used to fit it, owing to past experiences of issues relating to bases fitted by customers and on arrival, finding the base not suitable to have a cabin or shed fitted on top. 

Check out the videos below for more details on installation. 


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