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 Cabins Unlimited pride ourselves in our superior knowledge of the product, industry, service, advice and care we give our customers! Below are some pieces of feedback we have had - even from customers who have not purchased yet to show how well we are doing - Great Work Team!

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Bespoke Pend Shed 8 x 4


We found it very easy to work with Cabins Unlimited. From the initial enquiry, we were given a number of options and delighted that they could source a bespoke solution for us. We were kept informed on progress and the installation was straightforward. We are delighted with the outcome. Thank you for your attention throughout - Mathew & Barbara Peek reviewed Cabins Unlimited - 5 star


Standard Apex 10 x 8 Shed



They did a good job thanks - John Nickerson reviewed Cabins Unlimited - 5 star

Major Apex Shed 14x8


Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to family & friends, very happy with our shed. - Nina Bishop reviewed Cabins Unlimited - 5 star



Lisa 3 Log Cabin



Finally decided on the Lisa 3 cabin after many visits and as they have a display one on site and I could see how big it was inside this helped with my decision. Delivery wasn't too long and it was delivered onto my driveway. I decided to build it myself with the help of my 2 teenage sons when I could get them out of their bedrooms! It took me ( a woman in my 30s plus my sons ) to get it built in 2 days, then over the next couple of days spending only a couple of hours at a time, I installed the floor and roof insulation and felt covering. Instructions were relatively easy to follow and when I did get stuck, I soon asked Rob for advice and he was always willing to go through it with me. Overall I am pleased that I gave it a try and managed to get it built! The hardest part of the whole installation was getting the ground level for the probase.
Have decided to use it as well as for extra storage as a " Mum's Retreat away from a house of boys"! - Laura Whitehair reviewed Cabins Unlimited - 5 star

View the Lisa 3 Log Cabin on our website here


Bespoke Suffolk 1.5m x 1.2m - Option 1 Roof Style


Local, independent businesses always give better service and value for money and Cabins Unlimited definitely don't disappoint.  - Glynn Burrows reviewed Cabins Unlimited - 5 star

 View the Suffolk range on our website here


Rosedale Summerhouse


I like to keep things local, so for this reason I chose Cabins Unlimited. What a good choice I made. Not only are they a great company and a friendly bunch, they are so professional. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Thank you so much for all your hard work. - Amanda Chapman


Surrey Shed


Friendly service and a good selection of garden timber buildings to choose from - Andrew McKenna


Jubilee Log Cabin


We are thrilled with our Jubilee cabin, a place to sit and be. It sits in a lovely garden in a beautiful village. I hope to invite others to come on retreat. Thank you to everyone who bought the dream to reality with ease and great humour. - Chris Copsey 


Rosedale Summer House



Edinburgh 140 Log Cabin

Edinburgh 140edinburgh.-140.jpg 

Love our summer house, the installation team were very good, and happily came back to adjust the misaligned door. All is now well, and we look forward to enjoying it for a long time to come. - Brian Hanfrey reviewed Cabins Unlimited - 5 star  

 View the Edinburgh log cabin range on our website here


Bespoke 5m x 2m Major Apex Shed 

Yesterday I had a new shed fitted from Cabins Unlimited. The service and quality from start to finish was excellent. From the ordering, to delivery and to fitment. Professional organisation with the customer focus on what they do. Couldn't recommend anyone more ! Excellent experience and will be contacting you soon for another job  - Amy Cannings reviewed Cabins Unlimited — 5 star

 You can view the Major Apex shed here


The Windsor Log Cabin 


The Windsor log cabin was chosen because I wanted a garden building that was multi-purpose but had to look good i.e. not a shed. It certainly fits the bill and painted in blue/grey it looks great. It’s solid and looks modern. Ordering and delivery was efficient. I chose to get a builder friend and mates to put it up. It took two long days so not much cheaper than paying direct. The installation instructions are good but you must have some basic building knowledge to specifically interpret them. I elected not to put the window glazing bars on to keep it looking contemporary. - Andrew Good

View the Windsor Log Cabin here


The Jubilee Log Cabin

Jubilee Cabin

I was very satisfied with the service provided to me by the customer service staff and was extremely happy with the end result once my building had fitted the log cabin for me. I would change nothing about the service provided and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing a log cabin. - Russell Cohen


 Barbados 3 70mm Log Cabin


I had ordered a Barbados 3 70mm log cabin to use all year round and found that the Cabins Unlimited team was very professional and did an excellent job on the installation and service - we couldn't be happier! The building itself is very impressive and robust which is just what we wanted. All information and my experience with the customer service team was provided clearly and an absolute breeze and I couldn't recommend them high enough. - Hernando Garcia


EV York Log Cabin


After lots of deliberating and research we decided to buy an EV York cabin for our garden. Choosing Cabins Unlimited was an easy decision for me, knowing I was going to be building this myself, I had a feeling that their reputation for great customer service and friendly advice was going to be tested to the limit! When the pallet containing the cabin arrived I was, initially, pleasantly surprised. I was expecting my driveway to be strewn with wood but, instead, a relatively small pallet was sat neatly in one corner of the drive. Un-beknownst to me, this pallet was very similar to the TARDIS, in that it contained a lot more inside than appeared from the outside! After unpacking the pallet to the back of the house I was shocked by how much wood I had and I don't mind admitting that building a summerhouse myself suddenly became a very daunting prospect. However, after wiping away the tears, pulling myself together, and a quick hug from the wife, I dived in.Several hours later I had the beginnings of a base. All the wood was sorted into logical piles and I was full steam ahead. Four days later I was the proud (but tired) owner of our very own log cabin.
Along the way I contacted Cabins Unlimited numerous times by phone and email and I have to say that their support is second to none. Luke, Rob, Michael etc. all were absolutely superb and really 'held my hand' every step of the way. It's a good feeling to have built it myself but I couldn't have done it without their support.So, if you are sat on the fence about buying a log cabin then I would say, "Go for it". And if you are going to go for it, then go for it with Cabins Unlimited. We're really pleased with the cabin and would not hesitate to recommend them.
A very happy customer - John Thornley


Windsor 44 Log Cabin


My husband and I are extremely pleased with our Windsor 44 Log Cabin that we purchased from Cabins Unlimited. Your level of communication is very good and whenever we had a query we could always rely on yourself or your colleagues to provide us with a prompt response. The quality of our Log Cabin is excellent and we're glad that we decided to get you and your colleagues to complete the installation for us. The installation was made much more complicated due to us having ordered the insulation pack as well as the shingle tiles and we felt that it was important that the installation was completed correctly. We are most impressed with how quickly and efficiently that you all completed the installation, working tirelessly throughout the process. It goes without saying that we will not hesitate to recommend Cabins Unlimited to our friends, family and acquaintances. We are looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come. - Ken and Mel Robertson


 Cotswold Summerhouse


Absolutely thrilled with the Cotswold summer house I won in the Cabins Unlimited competition. We are now planning the interior as we intend to use it all year round. I must admit, I was sceptical about these competitions and I'm still absolutely amazed I won this! Installed by the Cabins Unlimited team who were professional, friendly and work at an incredible speed! Highly recommend. Thank you Cabins Unlimited so much - Gemma Buck


EV York Log Cabin


We were incredibly impressed by the quality as well as how easy it was to put up. Excellent easy to understand instructions. A real life size Lego kit! Erected in a day and a half with 2 men and a 14 year old labourer! We purchased the log cabin as a games room/chill out room for 2 teenagers and it has been worth every penny. We have our living room and tv back and the kids have the space to entertain their friends it's a win win. We have insulated the roof, floor and one wall where we have had electric put into the building. Plastered the ceiling and one wall in order to hide cables (easy as husband is a plasterer by trade) We have an oil filled radiator in the log cabin and that is enough on its own to heat it to a comfortable 22 degrees. The wall mounted electric fire we will use for short periods from spring to autumn but it is not as cost effective as the oil filled radiator. It warms up really quickly and retains the heat so we won't need to insulate the remaining walls. We have used it through the winter day and night and have been plenty warm enough sometimes too warm! The double glazing is of a good standard and there has been no sign of any condensation. It is also a very secure building with a good locking system. - Gemma Killingworth


Norfolk 10 x 6 Garden Shed


Excellent customer service wouldn't hesitate to recommend to family and friends - Jenny Rouse


Liverpool 7 Log Cabin


We have just had a Liverpool Cabin installed by Cabins Unlimited. Excellent service, friendly team and very prompt delivery and installation. Thanks to Rob and his team. Would highly recommend. - Jo Hill reviewed Cabins Unlimited — 5 star 


Veronica 2 Summerhouse


Very pleased with our cabin - John Wilce


Bespoke Plymouth Log Cabin


I am very happy with my bespoke Plymouth log cabin and all my patients at A J Swaine physiotherapy have said how lovely it looks - Judy Bond


Suffolk  Pent Roof Shed


We were referred from our daughter who purchased an Oxfordshire Log cabin which looks fabulous! When looking at Cabins Unlimited website we noticed they also sold sheds so it was a easy to decision to go with Cabins Unlimited as our daughter had such a good experience also. Will be recommending Cabins Unlimited to friends as we are delighted with our shed and the customer service.- Mr Lemon


Roy Hot Tub Cabin


We had an amazing service from cabins unlimited and we are delighted with our cabin, perfect space to relax and make memories with the family - would highly recommend - M Calledine


Oban Log Cabin


We are really pleased with the Oban cabin as it is the perfect size for our small garden. We have been making good use of it in the cold winter weather, the extra insulation plus a small fan heater soon make and keep it very warm, but are looking forward to using it more in the summer. We were very impressed by the service we received from Cabins Unlimited, from the initial response to our enquiry with a quote from Vicky, all the help and questions answered by Michael and finally from Rob and his team when they came to install the base and cabin. Thank you all very much. - Martyn Hathaway


Oban Log Cabin


Purchased the Oban, using the building as a gym.  Would recommend Cabins Unlimited. Great service, product and installation was brilliant. - Michael Matthew


Nottingham Log Cabins & Glamping Pods




We purchased 2 Nottingham cabins and 3 glamping pods for our Outdoor Centre. They are great additions to our site, and we are very pleased with them. The service Rob and the build team provided was fantastic. They were a pleasure to work with, and dedicated to providing an all round quality service. Many thanks to you all. - Rock 'n' River Outdoor Pursuits


Alex Mini Log Cabin


Pleased with my cabin and the Customer Service Team were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. – Terry Hallet


Oxfordshire Log Cabin


We purchased a Lasita Oxfordshire log cabin to use as a sewing and hobby room for my wife and create a bit more living space in the house. We had the cabin installed along with a concrete base and are very pleased with our purchase. Thanks guys! - Tom Bradley


Suffolk Garden Shed


Ordered the Suffolk Shed, Cabins Unlimited were efficient and found the shed & installation to be great value for money. - Mr Hutchinson


Log Cabin Installation


At last I am replying ...2 years later. You will recall that I had bought a cabin from another company. I couldn't face the problem of the one page of directions and the mountain of planks to be assembled. I was grey with anxiety.  So I called you and a few days later you and your team appeared and put it all together for a very reasonable fee. I should add that I had called other companies in Norwich for help and no-one wanted to know. So....Thank you and the lads. I hope you have the photos of you and your team celebrating, and remember the trumpet fanfare which was my only contribution. I am working happily in the cabin you built. - Ian Starsmore.


 Anguilla Log Cabin


This has been a very straightforward and positive experience. The building is as the specification and overall impression of a good quality product. The team is efficient, prompt and pleasant. - Jacqueline Aling


Dorset Log Cabin


 I made the purchase of this Dorset Log Cabin to use for my workspace and I think this building is excellent! I am ever so pleased with the structure and very satisfied with the overall outcome of my order. The customer service was excellent throughout my enquiry process to purchasing. All in all; Excellent! - Craig Stevens 


Gotland Log Cabin


 The guys at Cabins Unlimited were excellent and provided a friendly professional service. The Log Cabin was very good and I really rate the installation for the team putting the Cabin together. I wouldn't change anything at all about the service that was provided to me and the guys weren't pushy in getting me to purchase at all!- David Conner

Rumus Plus 1 Log Cabin

Rumsu Plus 1

Really pleased with my Rumus Plus 1, its transformed my small back garden and given the whole family a place to relax and have fun. I built this with my dad just before xmas and it took us 3 days, but the days were short and wet! I opted for a bespoke base, so it sits level on a slanted patio area. The roof is an addition, as I wanted to create a more shanty look. Inside I have put a1kw oil filled radiator on the wall and we have sat outside over the festive period playing monopoly having great fun. Summer is on the way and can’t wait for it to come into its own, after all, its really an outside bar for dad. Thanks to the Cabins Unlimited team, Luke and Vicky who made the initial transaction simple and giving me all the answers to my questions. Also, one of the glass panes was cracked on delivery and this was replaced immediately without question.-Lee Oliver, Cheshire


Nataly Summerhouse


The team were friendly and professional and the building was built well and looks good. We wouldn't change anything about the customer service that we received. We purchased the cabin as we liked the look and the quality -Peter Jones, Letton, Norfolk


 Elgin Log Cabin


The Elgin is a very good quality cabin and the install team and the customer service team as a whole were very friendly and efficient. The building went up easily and I did not see anything that had to be corrected. We decided to purchase the Log Cabin alongside a hot tub we purchased from their sister company, Spa's Unlimited. -James Green, Ashill, Norfolk


Shetland 2 Log Cabin

Shetland 2

 It is a great product, I am very happy with the installation team and the new cabin! Very helpful service.- Iya Rust, Kings Lynn, Norfolk


Antigua Timber Garage

Antigua Garage

I made the purchase to replace the existing garage in a cheap and sustainable way. The staff were patient & courteous. If one member of staff didn't know something they would find out from another. The installation was quick and efficient, the only thing I would change is that they didn't eat enough biscuits!-Steve Hall, Attleborough, Norfolk


Wrexham 2 Log Cabin

Wrexham 2 Log Cabin

I have to say that I’ve been so impressed by the customer service and quality of product that I’m about to order a second cabin! The product arrived exactly on time and was superbly packaged. if there was any risk of us having to leave this outdoors, then it’d been well protected against the elements. Although heavy and bulky, the shipment was placed accurately by the delivery driver in order for us to move it quickly and safely.The Pro-Base and cabin (including insulation options) was erected by two of us in 1 day to a point where it was watertight. the following day was spent treating, laying the shingles and attaching guttering - a good two days work by myself and a colleague resulted in a cabin that my customer is very happy with - Thanks to all at CU!!!!! - Jay Hounsell, Ware, Herts


Wrexham 1 Log Cabin

Wrexham 1

I undertook a lot of research into cabins and the companies supplying cabins and Cabins Unlimited had what looked like a good range of products on their website backed up with very good customer reviews. At the early stages of enquiring Cabins Unlimited were happy to give general and specific advice which gave me the confidence that this was a good company to deal with. Visiting their site at Dereham to see examples of some of the cabins they offered helped the selection process and once the choice of which cabin to go for had been made it was delivered in a couple of week after placing the order. Really very pleased with the finished cabin which I constructed myself, the delivery driver couldn’t have been more helpful and Cabins Unlimited have been really attentive throughout the process – I can certainly recommend the product and service highly. -Chris Garcin, London


Windsor Log Cabin


We purchased a Windsor Log cabin and are very happy with it it's good quality, spacious and attractive. We received excellent service both over the phone and in person, prompt delivery & installation which made the whole process very simple & straight forward. Brilliant all round from start to finish. -Shruta Patel - St Neots, Camridgeshire


Jubilee Log Cabin

Jubilee Log Cabin

From our first visit to the site we have been impressed by the service and the product. We made the purchase as a revamp of the garden left an ideal site for the building. After viewing other products we felt confident in Cabins Unlimited. I have already recommended them to my friends and family . Excellent service from our first visit to the site through to the finished product. Very good quality product and also very reasonably priced with an excellent construction team. Good reviews, now I know why! - Colette Hill - North Wootton, Norfolk


Oban Log Cabin

Oban Log Cabin

We have an 8mx8m square garden, given the relatively small space the summer house fits in perfectly. It is spacious inside, suiting our needs, however does not take up too much land. The summer house we purchased is exceptional value for money, made from quality materials. It was easy to assemble and instructions given were very clear. A brilliant purchase which will give us hours of enjoyment all year round. - Mr Frank Bracchi - Redcar, Cleveland


Garage 3 Wooden Garage 

Our old building was falling apart but this new building is very well made and great quality. I would change nothing about the service given from Cabins Unlimited, they were friendly, informative and certainly knew what they were doing! - Jane Woollestone - Dereham, Norfolk




The service provided by Cabins Unlimited was very professional. This is an excellent choice of product, using sold timber at a good price. We bought a hand made shed from your previously and loved it, the products I have received have exceeded my expectations and are very well made. - Graham Ayris - Dersingham, Norfolk


Aruba Log Cabin

Aruba Log Cabin

 The staff at Cabins Unlimited were very friendly and helpful with all information we needed provided clearly. I would not change anything about the customer service as it was great all round - the knowledge of their own product was great! We made the purchase simply because of the price and the people selling the product. - Jackie Gambrill - Bradenham, Norfolk


Alex Log Cabin

Alex Log Cabin

The service was speedy & efficient. It exceeded our expectations in the time it took to be delivered and installed. Delighted that it only took 4 weeks to be delivered and installed from placing the order alongside all available optional extras! I would have no hesitation in recommending Cabins Unlimited to my friends or family! - Alex & Kieren Fitzgerald, London


Edinburgh 2 Log Cabin

I had a picture in my mind of how I hoped our new log cabin would look. I searched through the Internet and saw just what I wanted at Cabins Unlimited. I was hoping to have a pent roof to make things easier to build, but that was not part of the Edinburgh 2 spec. I was really tight for space and so asked the company for the exact external measurements. As always, throughout the build, advice was sent quickly and clearly to me. With not much room to spare, it would fit and I could get round the log cabin once it was in place. Ordering was straightforward and the log cabin was actually delivered early. Even the delivery driver was helpful. After unloading cleverly on to our drive, we chatted about the build over his lunch break and he gave me some very helpful tips.  The most important starting point was to get a level, firm base I was told. How right that proved. I spent longer on this and it was worth the effort. I had the walls and windows in place within two days. I was advised that it should be a two man job. Although I did everything with no help, it would be best to have help, particularly with the roof joists and fitting the doors. By the way, the style of the roof is very smart and although it took a little longer to construct, the appearance from inside the finished log cabin makes the room appear larger.The end result is fantastic. What a superb, quality log cabin. The walls are thicker than originally we were thinking about having. The doors and windows are very good double glazed features. We chose the shingles as past experience with roofing felt would mean leaks before too long. The shingles took a while to put on the roof, but once I got my confidence moving around the roof, they went on very well and look brilliant. We also chose the Rystic finish and I have never used anything like this before. This is so different than working with varnish. The finish is much easier to apply and with brushes washed with water, made life much easier. The cost is high, but I know that the log cabin is well protected for a long time ahead - so worth the investment. We have put electrics in and the log cabin is a real feature at night in our garden. Only one negative. The printed instructions were not good - not a disaster, but I got stuck a few times and had to call in the troops at Cabins Unlimited. As I said before, they were always quick to offer advice and I knew I could call them and sort things out. Once, I was on the way to the phone and it went and Rob was on the end of the line with the answers to what I was going to ask! Pleased? Absolutely. Do it again? Never! By the time this log cabin packs up, I will be in an old people's home! Many, many thanks from a very satisfied customer, - David Martin - Poole, Dorset


Orkney Log Cabin

Orkney Log Cabin

Cabin living one year on - this time last year we made contact with Rob at Cabins Unlimted, we decided to use them after speaking to other cabin company's. You get a great sense of trust and belief with these guys unlike some of the large companies out there. Updated us and kept us informed with delivery and planning insulation. Colin is a great fitter with years of experience and bags Of patients.The cabin - we ordered our Orkney Log Cabin which for the price was the best spec on the market boasting 70mm wall construction (other companies say 44mm is the premium model), lovely little touches with tilting windows or open them all the way. Only down side is the porch it is very big area and you do loose some cabin space, but this wouldn't stop me from buying it, gives a great space to get shoes off when pouring with rain! That was the easy part! What and where was the next thing. My hints - the base, most important starting point, get this done by someone who knows what they are doing and get it flat and level. Insulation is the next important thing and after the winter last year the boys at Cabins Unlimited were right, we went with the roof 50mm and floor insulation, the orkney has a tongue and grooved ceiling and we filled this with loft insulation as well. Finished off the cabin floor with engineered oak flooring with under floor Heating, this is designed for wooden flooring and we used 12mm insulation boards. Electrics - don't be shy with the plug sockets we went for 6 doubles giving you flexibility to move furniture around, a must is an intercom system (for prying the kids out) we ran 4 CAT6 cables down for Internet, alarm sensors, telephone and intercom. Outside protection - We went with robs recommendation of the Rystic Timbercare, goes on very easily and covers well, 2 coats last year and no signs of deterioration in Colour at all, a quick scotch pad and another coat applied and the Colour is great! Cost of running - the heating flooring is hardly on we have it set to keep a temp of 18 degrees and the system kicks in to keep this temp when required, we have used a log effect electric fire. With both working the cabin warms up very quickly and retains the heat for ages. For the price you couldn't extend your house and have the same sq foot for the money, looks great, nice retreat and most import a space for the kids to chill/play with the views of the garden. - Simon Levy - Barnet, Greater London


Borneo Log Cabin


Once all unpacked and sorted through (it was very daunting!) it was just a case of reading the plans and getting on with it, I had the lodge built up to the roof rafters in 8 days from starting it, fits together well and a fantastic investment, we are over the moon with the Borneo Log Cabin and would recommend it to anyone looking for a lodge to live in. - Mark Lewis - Devon


Melanie Log Cabin


I selected a Palmako product – the Melanie Log Cabin. Very pleased with the feel and robustness of this log cabin. The assembly instructions are a bit sketchy and need reading a couple of times with the bits in front of you but the cabin went together beautifully with nothing more than a bit of easing from a rubber mallet – great dimensional control over all the logs. I ordered a shingle roof for which there are no enclosed instructions. I called Kevin who gave me a telephone tutorial on how to approach the installation of shingles on what is a 4 sided pyramid roof. This help was invaluable. I’m very pleased with roof and appearance and worth it even though I spent a lot longer doing the roof than the overall cabin assembly. - Phil Thompson - Maidenhead, Kent


Windsor Log Cabin


We recently purchased the Windsor Log Cabin from you, it was delivered a week after we ordered it. We got straight on with the build. We laid all the pieces out when checking everything was there which made it easier, went together great, couple of twisted pieces of wood but we sorted that out with a clamp. My husband ended up doing the roof on his own as I had to go to work, he got stuck on one bit so he rang the office for advice, later Kevin popped round and gave him a few tips which really helped. The whole thing came together quickly, we decided to paint it and are really pleased with it. It is now fully painted and has been used many times. Thank you for the great product and all your help. - Jane & Ian Stevenson - Kings Lynn, Norfolk


Bespoke Hot Tub Enclosure


 Brilliant service from such a friendly,professional team. We are so pleased with our stunning log cabin with its overhead extension for our hot tub . Thankyou for helping and advising us with this special order! - Jackie Neale - Dunstable, Bedfordshire


Carmen Summerhouse


The Palmako Carmen 7 (eight-sided) summerhouse is a beautiful addition to our garden and I'm delighted to have chosen it for its quality and value for money. Delivery was well within the expected time frame and went flawlessly. The summerhouse is well made, looks good and, once the wood is treated/painted outside and in looks even better. It took 2 men 2 days to install, including floor and roof insulation, with the roof being the trickiest part to deal with. The chaps at Cabins Unlimited were very helpful at every stage and full of excellent advice. Recommended!! - Martin Leonard - Otford, Kent


Liverpool Log Cabin

Liverpool Log Cabin

 Friendly service, quick delivery, reasonable prices and a good solid product. Perfectly feasible for DIY assembly if there are two of you. Well worth investing in a good solid base and insulation of the floor and roof. Used daily as a workshop throughout the year. - Malcolm Thomas - East Hanningfield, Essex

Click here to see our range of Liverpool Log Cabins 


Edinburgh 2 Log Cabin

Edinburgh 2 Log Cabin
Finished the log cabin and quite chuffed with ourselves at getting the jig saw puzzle completed without any problems of any consequence. All the parts were there which was very reassuring and it fitted my base perfectly!! Minor bit of damage on one floor panel which we manage to repair satisfactorily. Very satisfied with final result, which looks as good as your advert picture.  Driver was excellent as he plonked the pack over my garden fence exactly where required. All due to the giant hi-ab on the vehicle. - Patrick Sloan

Click here to see the Edinburgh 2 Log Cabin - one of our most popular products



Devonshire 53 Log Cabin

The guys at Cabins Unlimited were very helpful and incredibly hard working in just two days they installed my Devonshire 54 including insulation, finishing just as the rain started.  -Shane Mussell - Linconshire

Custom Built Log Cabin 

Fantastic service from Rob Scott and the team. Nothing was too much trouble. My cabin was a special order, even this was soon sorted out. I live approx 200 miles from Norfolk, but everything was easily arranged via email and phone. Buy from this company with confidence. They are passionate about their business. - Rod Billington - Cheshire
Barbados Log Cabin
Cabins Unlimited, all I can say is excellent company, excellent service, good prices, very well recommended, and my office is still doing fine and love it.  Suzanne Cubbitt - Aylsham, Norfolk


Rystix Timber Treatment 

 I am so pleased with the Rystix and yes it's on! It took me two days for two coats all round but I think the sprayer saved half the time and gave better coverage. I can only describe it as a form of varnish finish but so easy to apply I would recommend it to anyone! - James Boughton, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk - Rystix Customer


Barbados 3 Log Cabin

Barbados Log Cabin

We bought the Barbados 3 from Cabins Unlimited to use as a home office here in Norfolk and were delighted with their service. Unlike many other cabin suppliers we contacted, they were very helpful, gave loads of advice and delivered on their promises. The cabin arrived quickly and when the cabins unlimited team arrived to put it up, we were totally surprised with how hard they worked, the price they charged and the end result was wonderful and just what we had wanted. Thank you so much for everything you have done to make this an easy and painless transaction to getting us the building we needed. Thanks for all your help! - David Macmillan - Norwich, Norfolk


Aruba 1 Log Cabin

 We have made the decision to delay the cabin until after the new Garage/Annex build (To be complete in around 6 months) as we may go a larger one but will not know our full requirements or budget until the garage is complete. I know it was not the decision you wanted to hear and I appreciate your input. You clearly offer superior support over your competitors so it will be you guys we come back to when we are in a position to proceed. Thanks & regards - David P. Morgan


Rystix Exterior Armadek

Rystix Exterior Armadek
So far I fully agree with you Rystix Timbacare is an excellent product and I wish I has come across it earlier - I would have used it on some other items in the garden from which some big name British timber products are now peeling off. Cheers - Peter Riley - Melton Mowbray. Leicestershire


Bespoke Timber Garage


Very rare to find such professionalism and quality of craftsmanship this day and age and we truly struck lucky with you guys! Thanks for your hard work and expertise, you offer a brilliant service and quality product so you've got to be onto a winner! Look forward to catching up with you soon. All the best- James & Becky - Bury St Edmunds, Norfolk


Rystix Timbacare

 I am most grateful to you for taking so much trouble.An order has now been placed. You well deserve recognition for the excellent service you gave me. - Lord Remnant
Find out more about Rystix Timbacare here:


Wales Log Cabin

 Wales Log Cabin 
Just to let you know that Pat from Aspray24 was absolutely delighted with the quality of the buildings you supplied to him. His guy who put the buildings up said that they were very easy to assemble and you could not buy the timber for the price he paid for them. Another happy customer for you.  Kind regards - Mary - Margaret Emms Florist. - Norwich

Click Here to See The Wales Log Cabin


Wales Log Cabin

Wales Log Cabin

Just a note to say how pleased I am with the new log cabin workshop and with your service.  Many thanks - Colin Sprinter