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A Log Cabin for a Home Office

A Log Cabin for a Home Office

16th Apr 2019

Many of our customers purchase a Log Cabin to use as a home office for their business which gives a professional and unique look and allows them to have the necessary space to be able to focus on their work.   The idea of purchasing a log cabin starts for many reasons including the need to get more space in the house for growing families or simply the need to have a home office out of the house in order to be able to focus away from the busy hustle and bustle of family life.  

One of the reasons our Director Rob Scott set up a Log Cabins business was that he had been working from home for many years as a sales manager for Kraft Foods and needed to find an alternative to the spare room to do his work after the birth of his first daughter Shania. "I had seen Log Cabins and garden home offices advertised on the internet and looked for ways to get more space and so decided that having my own office in the garden would allow me to focus on my job and get me away from the noises of a new born baby and busy family life.  I had some space in the garden for a small 3m x 3m 44mm log cabin and its was one of the best decisions I had ever made.  My productivity went up as I was free to totally focus and I was also able to better manage my work / life balance as when I Ieft my garden office I was leaving work.  This had not been the way when I was in the spare room as could easily just pop in to read an e-mail or do some paperwork and to be honest it did really help me split my work and family life."

The simple fact is that many more people on a daily basis are starting to work from home and a log cabin makes a perfect home office.  Small enough not to fill up your garden but large enough for you to be organised and efficient, have your work stored securely but within easy reach and with a massive range of log cabins and garden buildings available there are simply hundreds of shapes and sizes to choose from for even the smallest of gardens. 

Customers that purchase Log Cabins from us to use as a home office usually opt for 44mm logs as timber is naturally a great insulator but we also have thicker logs available, but usually purchase our Insulation Kit for the roof and floor alongside this. Many popular models for home office log cabins include buildings from Lasita Maja, Palmako and Eurovudas such as:

Lasita Alex 44mm Log Cabin

Alex 3m x 2.5m, 44mm Log Cabin:

Barbados 3 4m x 3.1m, 44mm (available in 70mm) Log Cabin:

Barbados 3 UK 44mm Log Cabin

Check out some of our customer images and testimonials below that purchased a log cabin from us to use as a home office/study building.

Jubilee 44mm Log Cabin Jubilee 44mm Log Cabin as an Office

"I was very satisfied with the service provided to me by the customer service staff and was extremely happy with the end result once my building had fitted the log cabin for me. I would change nothing about the service provided and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing a log cabin.

Cabins Unlimited Windsor 44mm Log Cabin

"My husband and I are extremely pleased with our Windsor 44 Log Cabin that we purchased from Cabins Unlimited. Your level of communication is very good and whenever we had a query we could always rely on yourself or your colleagues to provide us with a prompt response. The quality of our Log Cabin is excellent and we're glad that we decided to get you and your colleagues to complete the installation for us. The installation was made much more complicated due to us having ordered the insulation pack as well as the shingle tiles and we felt that it was important that the installation was completed correctly. We are most impressed with how quickly and efficiently that you all completed the installation, working tirelessly throughout the process. It goes without saying that we will not hesitate to recommend Cabins Unlimited to our friends, family and acquaintances. We are looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come."

Barbados 3 UK 70mm Log Cabin

"I had ordered a Barbados 3 70mm log cabin to use all year round and found that the Cabins Unlimited team was very professional and did an excellent job on the installation and service - we couldn't be happier! The building itself is very impressive and robust which is just what we wanted. All information and my experience with the customer service team was provided clearly and an absolute breeze and I couldn't recommend them high enough."

Dorset 34mm Log Cabin

"I made the purchase of this Dorset Log Cabin to use for my workspace and I think this building is excellent! I am ever so pleased with the structure and very satisfied with the overall outcome of my order. The customer service was excellent throughout my enquiry process to purchasing. All in all; Excellent!"

If you would like a quotation for a log cabin that we can supply, then please email us at or feel free to give us a call on 01362 470 075 and a member of staff will always be happy to help.

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