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Deciding what roof is right for you

Deciding what roof is right for you

Published by Callum Lace - Marketing & Sales on 6th Mar 2019

Buying a cabin is a big investment and one that will be in your garden for many years to come, so it's something that you want to get right. We thought we would create a quick guide to help you decide what roof type is best for you. There really isn't a better roof the only thing that the roof dictates is what type of roof covering it has.

You have an apex roof, which we feel gives the building a classic look (see picture below). The apex roof has 2 slopes as you can see below. An apex roof works well with all types of roof covering although we would recommend shingle tiles due to the fact that they last around 25 years without the need to replace.


Alex Mini

Or there is a pent roof, which provides more of a modern look to the building (see picture below). With a pent roof we recommend EPDM rubber roofing. A pent roof is one slope as you can see below.


There is the hipped roof, which makes the cabin very unique looking (see picture below). When it comes to roof covering it is the same as the Apex in that anything goes but we recommend shingle tiles. 

Carmen 4

We are always keen to help customers find their ideal cabin, so if you need any more information, then please don't hesitate to contact us on 01362 470075.