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EPDM the perfect roof covering for Log Cabins, Summerhouses and Garden Sheds

EPDM the perfect roof covering for Log Cabins, Summerhouses and Garden Sheds

Published by Rob Scott on 17th Oct 2019

Cabins Unlimited have been advising customers purchasing our timber buildings for many years on the benefits of different types of roof covering.  We are often asked for different types and styles of covering and are more than happy to disuss the pros and cons of each with you.  We will be providing a number of blog posts on each type over the coming weeks and this post talks about EPDM although we do supply Felt, Felt Shingle Tiles, Cedar Shingles, Clay Tiles, Coroline and many other types of roof covering for our log cabins and Summerhouses.

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and is one of the best options for covering your summerhouse, shed or garden building especially if it is on a pent or sloping roof model. The reason we recommend it on sloping roof models is that it is cut to size and is a single sheet of rubber roof covering with no open joints meaning that it will not leak as there is noweheer that water can seep in.

Unlike regular roofing or shed felt that has a lifespan of between 3-8 years depending on the quality purchased EPDM has an expected lifestpan of between 40-50 years plus which mean that not only will you be confident that your building and contents of your summerhouse will be protected but also that you will not have to replace the roof covering every 3-8 years saving you time and money.

Today our Managing Director Rob Scott met with our supplier Charlie Patrick from Avenir Roofing Firestone RubberCover to discuss our business and to discuss the key benefits of their EPDM Product.

Rob Scott and Charlie Patrick from Firestone EPDM Rubber Roof Covering

  • Quick and Easy Installation of the Firestione EMDM supplied by Cabins Unlimited
  • Flame free installation
  • No joints and large seemless sheets to cover your sumnmerhouse in one EPDM Sheet
  • Minimal/NoMaintenance throughout the life of the EPDM
  • Flexible and Easy to Transport
  • Long life with an expected life of over 40-50 years
  • Developed to be Environmentally friendly from a world leader in rubber technology.

If you are interested in a summerhouse or log cabin or even a garden shed workshop and would like to discuss the roof covering with us, dont hesitate to get in touch and we would be delighted to help you.  We also have several models of pent or sloping roof summerhouse on display at our Norwich Display Site based at Norwich Camping and Leisure and also our Downham Market Display Site based at Downham Home and Garden next to Arbuckles, so why not pop over and take a look and discuss with our team your requirements.

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