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​Hygge – how the Danes do it.

​Hygge – how the Danes do it.

Published by Kerry Doyle - Operations Manager on 17th Dec 2018

Hygge – how the Danes do it.

In the UK we’re fortunate to experience some truly beautiful seasons and, whilst peak season for garden enjoyment is during the summer, we mustn’t forget there are some magical experiences to be had, even in the dreariest of months.

Undoubtably we’ve all spent many a summers evening enjoying the very last rays of sunshine, but, there is a trend that is growing in the UK which gives you even more reason to use your garden rooms all year round, something the Danes have mastered the art of, and it’s how to Hygge.

So, first things first, we need to know how to pronounce the word Hygee and it sounds like this, Hoo-gah. By definition it means to enjoy the good things in life, a feeling of coziness and well-being, where do we sign up?!

Now we’ve all most likely scanned through pinterest, or a magazine, and thought how much we would love to have somewhere cozy to go and hide away, somewhere peaceful, an escape almost. With busy lives and technology all around us, as a society we are starting to crave snapshots of relaxation and where better to have this than in your own garden?! No travelling, no membership fees, no sharing, your very own Hygge space. Somewhere you can grab a book, eat some hearty food, light some candles, curl up and just chill.

Ok, so this is starting to sound more and more appealing, right? Well, we’ve not even got to the good stuff yet. Our job at Cabins Unlimited is to find our customers their perfect log cabin, summerhouse or garden room and with over 400 models, there’s something for everyone, including those wanting to embrace the Hygge lifestyle. Once you’ve chosen your dream garden building the fun really starts so get comfy and get ready to hit the checkouts.

Hygge essentials consist of a really snugly blanket, so head over to John Lewis or Next and pick out your favourite, we love this Avoca Heavy Herringbone Throw with Turquoise Fleck found at John Lewis for £165.00. (

Next on the list are candles, not just the kind that give a great atmosphere, but ones that transport you to different places. Costes sell the amazing ‘Brown’ candle for £49, with three other fragrances to choose from they are well worth a little indulgence. (

Socks, and not the kind you grab when your last pair has a hole in them, these kinds of socks need more consideration. Fat Face seem to grasp Hygging quite well and have, for years, been helping us Hygge without even knowing it. These super warm, chunky knit socks will most definitely get you in the cozy zone and a worthwhile £24 spent. (

Food recommended for Hygging is super simple, homely, wholesome and really rewarding to cook. Homemade soups with seasonal vegetables and a nice chunk of freshly baked bread, sounds pretty tempting to us. Have a look on Amazon for Trine Hahnemann’s fantastic ‘Scandinavian Comfort Food’ recipe book.

The Kota Eva BBQ Summerhouse Supplied by Cabins Unlimited in NorfolkTo Hygee means you are disconnecting yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this will mean popping your phone on silent, leaving all kinds of tech in the house and well and truly switching off. Finding that bolt hole, that cozy snuggly spot where you can relax and rebalance may not be easy if your house is bursting at its seams, and that, is where Cabins Unlimited can help. Check out the beautiful Kota Eva, a prime example of how a log cabin can give you that quiet place to unwind and focus on yourself for a bit, from £2945 (

If you’re not tempted in to Hygging just yet then come and visit one of our display sites in Dereham or North Burlingham (and soon to be Downham Market) to have a look at a selection of the 400 models we sell. 

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