Keeping Cool: Air Conditioning in your Garden Building

Keeping Cool: Air Conditioning in your Garden Building

24th Jul 2019

It's fair to say that this week has been a scorcher and with temperatures on the rise it's looking set to be yet another glorious summer! 

The  Met Office are predicting today to be Britain's hottest ever day with temperatures predicted to reach 39°C in some areas of Southern and Eastern England (here's hoping our Display Site's aren't included in that!). 

With a 60% chance depending on cloud levels that the current highest ever temperature recorded of 38.5°C will be broken, we are grateful to have all of our sales offices equipped with air conditioning units!

Here at Cabins Unlimited, we sell a range of air conditioning units suitable for all sizes of garden buildings and budgets. What's more, these units also have heating capabilities to keep your cabin toasty during the winter.

The Midea Blanc series are our entry level air conditioning units. Starting at just £990 for a 2.5kw unit, it offers near silent energy efficient operation, a built in dehumidifier, adjustable fan speed and 24 hour timer function.

For those looking for a little more power, our mid-range units the Mitsubishi AP and EF Zen series start from £1430 and boast a stylish design, industry leading low noise levels and airflow circulation.

If you're wanting to escape to a icy cool oasis, then our premium air conditioning unit the Samsung R32 series is the one for you! Available in 2.5kw, 3.5kw and 5kw, they start from £1685 and offer maximum energy efficiency, faster cooling, remote control for temperature control from anywhere, reduction of 99% of ultra fine dust and stable, long lasting performance.

All of our prices include delivery and installation of the unit by our expert air conditioning partner.

Air Conditioning for log cabins, summerhouses & garden rooms

Don't sit sweating in your garden building this summer, call our team today or visit one of our display sites to find out more about installing an air conditioning unit in your summerhouse! (You can even enjoy the sales office's air conditing while you're here!)

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