Price Increases Continue to  Hit the Summerhouse and Timber Building Industry

Price Increases Continue to Hit the Summerhouse and Timber Building Industry

10th May 2021

Since the global pandemic hit, the demand in the UK and other European countries for garden buildings and summerhouses has risen dramatically.  With so many customers either being forced to, or choosing not to travel this has meant they not only have more disposable spending money but also as customers are wanting to spend more time at home and in their garden are desperate for space to work in, to entertain in or simply to relax in.  We have seem a huge increase summerhouses being used as home bars, offices, home cinemas, home based businesses and home gyms and leisure areas.

Order your summerhouse from Cabins Unlimited now to avoid the price increase

Like many of the larger log cabin, summerhouse and shed suppliers in the UK and Europe we have seen a massive rise in the number of orders and this multiplied across every other company around Europe and the world has meant a shortage in timber and other essential components.  All manufacturers are being forced to pay significantly increased prices on timber as supply has become more difficult and demand has grown.

This will be the 4th price increase from the same manufacturer since January as they struggle to manager their costs but still provide the essential product so many customers are demanding.

The next price increase will be implemented on orders place after Friday 14th May so we strongly advise customers to get their order in either through our website or over the telephone ASAP.  Getting the order in for the building is the most important bit to secure the price on the building.  We can discuss the fitting, groundworks and other elements you may need afterwards but please do not leave it until after the 14th as prices will rise a lot.

Our telephones, online chat and emails are continually in backlog so ordering through the website is the quickest and easiest initial way of guaranteeing the price on the shed, summerhouse and log cabins.  Once we have received the order we will be in touch to discuss if you need any other elements.

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