Timber Garages from Cabins Unlimited - a great option as a workshop or garage.

Timber Garages from Cabins Unlimited - a great option as a workshop or garage.

Published by Cameron Preston on 16th Nov 2019

A garage is a no brainier for storing and protecting your car, everyone who has a car should invest in a garage because they are perfect for your car, they provide shelter for your vehicle when you aren’t using it, such as keep it dry from the rain. They are also multi-purpose buildings; you can use a garage as a workshop as the 44mm log walls will keep it well insulated inside.

We have many different garages and car ports avaiable and have also installed many bespoke models designed to customers own specifications.  

The Roger 1 Garage from Cabins UnlimitedBesoke Summerhouse with Garage

garages to offer that come in many shapes and sizes, some of them are of a car port style, some have large double doors and some even have a storage room attached onto the garage. 

  Bespoke pent Roof Garage Supplied and Installed by Cabins Unlimited  Wonderful bespoke double garage workshop from Cabins Unlimited

Below are some of the products we and our customers recommend:

Roger Garage 1

This model is a very beautiful looking building, it contains double glazed windows and 44mm logs which means the model will be well insulated for whatever your use may be. It has a set of double doors to get your vehicle in and out and has a single door on the side which you can use to get in or out.

Garages available in different sizes by Cabins Unlimited

Robert 1

The Robert 1 is a great addition for your driveway, this model is more of a car port than a garage, the vehicle is under a shelter being held up by the six 120mm poles which mean they are very sturdy. These poles hold up the apex roof which will mean that if it was to rain the water would slide off the roof and your vehicle would be dry.

Car Ports available in different sizes by Cabins Unlimited

Karl 3

If you have more than one vehicle then we recommend the Karl 3, this model is quite large and can fit at minimum 2 vehicles underneath it. This model is also of a car port design and has a very large pent roof which is great for coverage and makes the building look very neat.

Car Ports available in different sizes by Cabins Unlimited

If you are interested in these models or want to look at some of our other garages and car ports then go over to our website or call us on 01362 470075

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