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Top Tips - Retreating your Log Cabin!

Top Tips - Retreating your Log Cabin!

5th Sep 2019

Here at Cabins Unlimited, we recommend that you treat your Log Cabin with only the finest timber treatment!

If you have already treated your timber building, then you are probably looking at re-treating it. We recommend re-treating your Log Cabin every 12-18 months, after your previous application of treatment, to keep it looking fresh every year as well as ensuring that your Cabin is completely protected from all of the elements and harsh weather. To retreat your building, you must firstly you must sand the outside of your Log Cabin to make sure that the timber is clean and dry; do not re-coat your timber in damp conditions/frosty conditions/when rain is imminent.

For outside protection we recommend Sadolin Superdec, this product gives you 10 years of protection,and also allows flexibility of the timber movement. (you can purchase some of this from our website, click hereSadolion Superdec also can come in many colours meaning you can pick the right one for you and your cabin.

We use this treatment on all of our buildings that you can see at our display sites as well as on buildings that our customers purchase with the timber treatment alongside. The treatment has roughly an 8-year life, meaning that you very rarely have to worry about treating your building. We also have the ability to colour mix our treatment meaning that it works as both a paint for your Cabin, and as a protective sealer. With our Rystix product, the treatment once mixed to a colour can also help to protect against UV as well as harsh weather such as rain and snow.

Below are some photos of these products being used on our cabins at our Downham Market Display Site:

If you would like to see more about our timber treatment, then please click here.

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