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Laura Family - Apex Cabins

The Laura Family - Apex Cabins 

This range of Laura log cabins are a fantastic addition to any garden owing to the 28mm thick walls, making them great for storage or as a small summerhouse. The timber used in this building is nordic spruce, slow grown in Estonia where Palmako is based. All elements of the Laura building are produced in Estonia, from windows and doors to the timber itself. 

The building comes with 19mm roof and floor boards as standard for a higher quality feel inside owing to the thicker timber offering a better insulative quality and an all-round sturdier construction.

These buildings all come with a single door as the entrance, which is half glazed, and a single window which can either be positioned as shown in the photographs or you can flip the design with the door on the left of the window. The windows and doors in this range have single glazed at 4mm thick to keep the pricing down whilst ensuring the quality does not drop to using plexiglass etc.

These models can be pre-treated in either brown, grey or clear/white which protects the building for roughly a year before you will need to re-treat the building. The idea of offering pre-treatment on these buildings is to ensure that all pieces of timber are treated in every corner and groove of each log, roof board and floor board to ensure longevity. All timber as standard arrives untreated in a water-tight pallet to protect the timber until you are able to unpack the building, construct it and treat it inside and out. We are able to install this building for you if you wish for us to do so as well as paint it for you.

The Laura Log Cabins are over 2.5m in ridge height which means that we would recommend you to consult your local planning authority to check if you would require planning permission for these buildings.

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