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Martin Family - Apex Sheds

The Martin Family - Apex Sheds

The Martin shed range is a fantastic example of a contemporary-style building which has ready-made wall elements which are covered with wind and moisture protection plastic inside, making these buildings extremely weatherproof. Each model contains a set of wall and window/door elements which can be re-arranged in several ways. The simple construction allows for a fast and easy assembly. These models also have 40mm EPS (Expanded polystyrene) insulated doors, which makes them especially rain and wind resistant. 

This shed range has been manufactured in Estonia where they use fine-sawn cladding and Palmako have used their own nordic spruce timber which has been slow grown in Estonia to offer the highest quality possible.

We are also able to offer guttering kits for both Martin buildings to allow you to transfer the rainwater that will hit the roof of your shed into a water butt for use in watering plants and shrubs.

There are 9 different elements in the doors alone, which you can see as follows:

Martin Family Door Style

All of the Martin sheds are 88mm thick in total to provide a high quality, strong and robust feel inside and outside of the structure. The interior can be fitted with cladding or plasterboard once you have insulated in the walls, which means this building can be used all year round for storage. Also, as this building does not have any glazing, it is safe for keeping tools, gardening equipment and furniture inside all year round as you will not have any issues with condensation occurring.

The buildings are over 2.5m to the ridge height which means that you may require planning permission for this building. In some areas of the UK, you may not require planning permission to have this building in your garden however if it is a concern then we always advise you to check in with your local planning authority.

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