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Samsung R32 5kw

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5kw Model heating & Cooling room of 25 square meters. Available in Black, or white

Keep your cabin climatised with a sleek and silent air conditioning unit. This cost-effective, energy-efficient unit will economically cool or warm rooms up. It has the added advantage of being exceptionally quiet so you will forget it is even there. The unit also features a built-in dehumidifier function to remove excess moisture which further helps improve the air you breathe. These units are particularly popular with people who run businesses from cabin.

We only offer this service within the East Anglia Region. Price includes standard installation.

The Wind-Free™ system provides users with the ideal condition by maintaining the desired room temperature using Wind-Free™ Cooling to gently disperse cold air through thousands of micro air holes. First, the system lowers the room temperature in Fast Cooling Mode and then automatically switches to the Wind-Free™ Cooling Mode once the desired temperature is reached. The Wind-Free™ system has the added ability to connect to Samsung's Smart Home App. Controlling your comfort has never been easier.

The Wind-Free™ unit delivers an air current that is under 0.15 m/s while in Wind-Free™ mode. Air velocity that is below 0.15 m/s is considered “still air” as defined by ASHRAE 55-2013 (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers).

Standard Features


  • 2-Step Cooling
  • 3-Care Filter
  • Auto Changeover
  • Auto Clean
  • Auto Restart
  • Dry Mode
  • Digital Inverter
  • Good Sleep Mode
  • Quiet Mode
  • Single User Mode
  • Timer Mode
  • Triple Protector Plus

Eco-friendly refrigerant


  • Capacity
    • Capacity (Cooling, kW)3.50 kW
    • Capacity (Heating, kW)3.50 kW
    • Capacity (Cooling, Min - Max, kW)1.3-4.0 kW
    • Capacity (Heating, Min - Max, kW)1.1-4.8 kW
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Energy Efficiency Class for cooling (Grade)A++
    • Energy Efficiency Class for cooling (W/W)6.1
    • Energy Efficiency Class for heating in 'Warmer' heating season (Grade)A++
    • Energy Efficiency Class for heating in 'Warmer' heating season (W/W)4.7
    • Energy Efficiency Class for heating in 'Average' heating season (Grade)A+
    • Energy Efficiency Class for heating in 'Average' heating season (W/W)4.0
  • Noise Level
    • Sound Power Level(Indoor, Cooling, dBA)56 dBA
    • Sound Power Level(Outdoor, Cooling, dBA)62 dBA
    • Noise Level (Indoor, High/Low, dBA)38 / 19 dBA
    • Noise Level (Outdoor, High/Low, dBA)46 dBA
  • Electrical Data
    • Power Source(Φ/V/Hz)1, 220-240, 50
    • Power Consumption(Cooling, W)1060 W
    • Power Consumption(Heating, W)940 W
    • Operating Current(Cooling, A)5.0 A
    • Operating Current(Heating, A)4.5 A
  • Physical specification
    • Gross Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜)886*317*335 mm
    • Gross Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜)844*622*353 mm
    • Net Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜)828*267*265 mm
    • Net Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜)720*548*265 mm
    • Gross Weight (Indoor, kg)11.6 kg
    • Gross Weight (Outdoor, kg)29.9 kg
    • Net Weight (Indoor, kg)9.40 kg
    • Net Weight (Outdoor, kg)27.6 kg
    • Loading Quantity (20/40/40Hft without Pipe)96/203/233
  • Technical Information
    • Piping Length (Max, m)15 m
    • Piping Height (Max, m)8 m
    • SVC Valve (Liquid (ODxL))6.35
    • SVC Valve (Gas (ODxL))9.52
    • Moisture Removal (l/hr)1.5 l/hr
    • Air Circulation (Cooling, ㎥/min)10.0 ㎥/min
    • Refrigerant (Type)R410A(Fluorinated greenhouse gas, GWP=2,088)
    • Refrigerant (Charging, kg)0.95 kg
    • Refrigerant (Charging, tCO2e)1.99 tCO2e
    • Low Ambient (Cooling, ℃)-10~46 ℃
    • Low Ambient (Heating, ℃)-15~24 ℃
    • Outdoor Unit (Compressor Type)BLDC
    • Outdoor Unit (Anti-Corrosion Fin)Yes
  • Air Flow
    • Air Direction Control (Up/Down)Auto
    • Air Direction Control (Left/Right)Auto
    • Air Flow Control Step (Cool/Fan)5/4
  • Air Purification
    • Allergy CareYes
    • Anti-BacteriaYes
    • Auto Clean (Self Cleaning)Yes
    • Virus DoctorYes
  • Convenience
    • Smart wifiYes
    • Filter Cleaning IndicatiorYes
    • Indoor Temp. DisplayYes
    • Display On/OffYes
    • Beep On/OffYes
    • 24-Hour TimerYes
    • Auto ChangeoverYes
    • Auto RestartYes
  • Operating Mode
    • 2 Step CoolingYes
    • Fast CoolYes
    • Comfort CoolYes
    • Dlight CoolNo
    • Good SleepYes
    • Single User ModeYes
    • DehumidificationYes
    • Fan ModeYes
    • QuietYes



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