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SPECIAL OFFER - Rystix Armadek 25 Litre Tub

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We have available stock of 3 colour mixed Rystix Exterior Armadek 25 Litre Tubs, the price for each tub is for collection only from our Dereham, Norfolk Display Site.

These colours have been created using stock from customer returns, having changed their mind as to which colour they wanted to purchase. The colours available are as follows:

- Slate Blue

- Olive Green

- Grey

The RRP of a 5 Litre tin is £121.49, meaning there is huge savings to be made on this product should you wish to purchase for use on a large building or exterior wooden surfaces.

To order please give us a call on 01362 470075.



Key Features: Rystix Exterior Armadek has an ultra long life of up to 8 years, is UV resistant, weatherproof and deep penetrating - all when applied correctly. This product has additional features both allowing the timber to breathe (micro-porous) and allowing the natural grain of the timber to show (translucent) 

Tips: Please DO NOT use Rystix Exterior Armadek as protection for high natural oil woods such as Cedar, Teak and Ipé. This can cause the woods to become flakey and will lead to the product losing a lot of its protection capabilities. We do not recommend the use of this product on horizontal surfaces such as decking, we offer an alternative product for these surfaces, Rystix Penetrating Oil.

Coverage and Drying: 8m2 per litre coverage (1 coat), fast drying time of approximately 30 minutes between coats (drying time may vary according to the porosity of the substrate, season, temperature and exposure conditions).


Rystix Exterior Armadek is a superior quality water based protective coating specially designed to  protect and beautify outdoor wooden decks and can also be used on outdoor furniture and cabins. Armadek is an acrylic based product that forms a tough wear resistant coating on the surface of the timber. UV filters, inhibitors and pigmentation combine to provide an exceptionally high degree of UV resistance and special agents prevent dry rot, insect and fungal attack.

Armadek is an extremely quick drying and low odour product. Where product lifespan is likely to be determined by physical abrasion rather than weathering then the choice should be to use Exterior  Armadek.

Armadek can be used to coat external timbers (beware of applying a water based product to timber with high natural oil content such as Teak, Ipé and Cedar) and application purposes include cladding, log-cabins, general outdoor wooden furniture, windows and doors, fencing, fascias and sheds (see Exterior Sealer for an alternative). Armadek can be applied by spray, pad applicator roller or brush. The refurbishment process for Timbacare is different to that for varnishes on the market, in that these other products need to be removed from the surface of the timber (scraping or sanding) before re-coating can take place. Where Timbacare has been previously used, it is only necessary to clean the surface with detergent water and allow it to dry before applying a fresh coating. The process of recoating over time simply replaces the layers that have been lost to weathering.

In situations where maintenance turnaround times are critical Armadek is an ideal product because of its rapid drying time.



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