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Cabins for watching the game

Cabins for watching the game

Published by Vicky Rallison on 17th Feb 2019

Get a summerhouse to watch the rugby

The Rugby World Cup 2019 has its first Match on Friday 20th September and  is certainly one of those events that's a perfect opportunity to gather round your mates, crack open the beers and call up for pizza. Most homes though, just simply don’t have the space to accommodate family life and the big match and this is where one of our log cabins or summerhouses comes perfectly into play. Purchase a log cabin from us, set it up with a big screen, some comfy chairs and a place for drinks and snacks and you'll have your perfect game day getaway.  We also have a fantastic Bar that will fit into our Log Cabins.  The Lead Time for our cabins is around 4 weeks and so now is the perfect time to start looking into the model that will best suit your garden in time for the start of the world Cup in September.

With over 500 models of summerhouse and garden building we have plenty to choose from but to give you some idea of just what we have to offer you, standing up to the podium as our top 3 championship cabin ranges are:

1st Place

Coming in at 1st place is the Barbados range of log cabins. Ranging in size from the smaller Barbados Mini, to the larger Barbados 5 at 5.3 x 3.4m. The Barbados range is our top selling range of pent roof log cabins for 2018 with the Barbados 3 as best selling cabin of 2018. You can view all of our log cabin winners on our website here. We also have several of our Barbados Range on display at our Downham Market Show Site.

The Barbados 3

2nd Place

Second in order but certainly not second in quality is the Java Summerhouse. This Summerhouse features wonderful sliding doors to the main room with a smaller second internal room and an outside storage room making this summerhouse model a very flexible building. Totall great for watching the big game with friends and family to the winning try on the grass when the match is over. You can view our Java here and this model is also available to view at our Downham Display Site

Java 44 Summerhouse

3rd Place

In 3rd place, but only for the purposes of this blog, is the Devonshire range of log cabins. Available in 2 different sizes at 4x3m and 5x4m with speedy delivery, double doors for easy access and plenty of glazing to allow lots of natural light. The Devonshire range is a very popular seller with us and when not in use for the sports season, these spacious log cabins double up as the ideal home office or summerhouse.  You can view all the details of the Devonshire range on our website  here.

The Devonshire 43

Of course we think all our log cabins are absolute winners, so if the above don't quite tick all the boxes, we have many more on our website and loads to view across our display sites. If you need some help then please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you find your ideal cabin to watch the game.

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