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Terrace (Lasita Log Cabins)

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We are able to supply alongside all of our Lasita Log Cabins additional Terraces which can be added to nearly all Lasita buildings. If you would like any more information on these terraces then please feel free to give us a call.
PLEASE NOTE: Free Delivery is only available on this product when purchased alongside a Lasita building on our site.

Delivery Information:

  • After we have received your order, payment and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, we will then organise for the factory to manufacture and onward deliver your building to you.
  • Deliveries are approximately 3 to 4 weeks after we have received your order and payment.
  • We do hold stocks of certain cabins here in the UK. If your chosen model happens to be in our warehouse in the UK when you order, then delivery can be sooner for you and often in under 2 weeks.
  • Delivery times vary according to the time of year. In summer we are extremely busy on deliveries and so delivery times will extend slightly.
  • Once the factory has your order they will take over on the delivery advice information to you. You will receive a call directly from our delivery companies who will call you to advise and/or agree a suitable delivery time with you. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 6pm.
  • Usually our delivery vehicles will be carrying 5 or 6 cabins at a time from our storage warehouse and so exact delivery times can't be given but an approximate time is usually provided. Please be advised as with any delivery times may vary due to delays at previous customers, the weather or the traffic conditions on the day.
  • Our cabins are delivered on a large flatbed vehicle, similar in size to a large council dustbin lorry to give you an idea and will usually be delivered on a crane offload vehicle, called a Hi-ab. Here is an image of the vehicle which may well deliver your cabin to you. You will see they are quite large and will need plenty of room to get to your property.
  • We cannot therefore offer a delivery service down narrow country lanes because of this. We can though deliver to a point as close to your property as is possible, for you to onward deliver yourself, in the case you have restricted delivery access to your property.
  • This Cabin is available with free delivery.


 Delivery Lorry with Hiab-Crane 

If you have any concerns regarding delivery please do make contact with us prior to placing your orders and will be happy to help and clarify anything you might require before you receive a delivery from us.

Insulation kits

These insulation kits available for purchase in the option sets will dramatically reduce the heat normally lost through your cabin roof and floor. This kit contains sufficient insulation for both floor and roof. The kits are easy to fit and each kit includes: Airtec double multi-layer bubble film, battening, insulation boarding, fixings and solid sheet roof boards (OSB) to cover the insulation. You can view a video of our expert installers fitting the insulation for one of our log cabins here.

Optional Floor InsulationOptional Roof Insulation
Timber Treatment For This Building:
  • Depending on a number of variables:timber type, moisture content, humidity/weather during application, thickness of application, drying time between coats etc this extension will require approximately 3L of treatment (3 x 1L) of wood coatings to give it 3 good coats of treatment.  We recommend the Water Based Armadek during colder winter months owing to drying times.  3 coats will provide up to 8 years of protection without the need to re-treat which means that you will save both time and money in having to re-treat each year. 
  • In the event you require more than the quantity we suggest here, then you will be able to purchase further quantities here on our website as and when you require them. Please note that any oil based wood treatment can take a long time to dry if the temperatures are not favorable. We would suggest a minimum temperature of 12 degrees Celsius for the effective use of any oil based treatment. 
    Please Note: In temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius, we would suggest using our very high quality water based product Rystix Armadek. We do not recommend treating any buildings at below 5 degrees Celsius as the chemicals will not adhere to the timber, as they need to do, to give an effective protective coating. 
  • You can add the exterior treatment to your order using the above options.  If you prefer to order the treatment from us separately you can do this by calling our office or ordering under a different order on the site. 

rystix-exterior-armadeck.jpg imag4521.jpg 


  • Please also consider alongside exterior protection the purchase of our very high quality interior wood protection products. These offer great protection to the inside surfaces of your timber building which will be, unless treated very susceptable to dirty marks, scratches and other stains. We have Interior Armafloor (Water Based) and Interior Wood Sealer (Oil Based) to solve this issue.
  • In the event you require more than the quantity we suggest here, then you will be able to purchase further quantities here on our website as and when you require them. 
  • We recommend applying to 2 coats to the inside of your cabin, not only to the walls but to the floor and roof to allow full affect. Applying to the whole inside of your cabin means that your cabin will remain clean with any dirt easily removed for many years.
  • Applying interior Rystix Timbacare provides protection from general wear and tear, also allowing you to wipe clean any dirt brought in from the outside of the building and also potect your floor boards from minor scratches
  • You can see an example of clear Rystix Interior Armafloor applied to the inside of a cabin below.

rystix-interior-armafloor-in-nida-5mx5m-log-cabin.jpg rystix-interior-armafloor-log-cabin-floor-coated.jpg

All of our cabins have a very tight interlocking wall log system and to treat them prior to the assembly, would result in the wall logs expanding, due to moisture intake and not fitting together properly. It is much better to have a log cabin built untreated and then treat it properly once it is built.
All of the above Rystix products are available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre Tins.

For full details of our Rystix Wood Coating products please view our brochure by clicking here. Click images below to view pricing:

 Rystix Interior ArmafloorRystix Exterior Sealer/ArmadekRystix Exterior Armadek

 Installation of your Cabin:

  • Your log cabin is also available with the optional service to have our teams come and install it for you. This is ideal for those who wish to save time and guarantee a brilliant finish to your cabin . Although you can choose to install the cabin yourself, or use your own contractor.
  • You will require a firm and level base in place, upon which the cabin can be installed for you. 
  • Please be aware that you are responisble for any planning or building regulation requirements for any building you choose to erect and including our log cabins. Many of our cabins do not require planning permission, in normal circumstances. Look at our under 2.5m cabins for examples of these. You should consult with your own local authority if in any doubt.
  • You can view a video of our expert installers installing a Lasita Log Cabin in the product videos.
  • You can also view and download the installation guide for this cabin by clicking the image below:


Great Customer Service

If you have any questions, please do let us know and we will be able to offer you our help and advice with our 25 years plus experience in the timber buildings business. Kevin Berry & Rob Scott are your main contacts to advise you on any of our products and please dont hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the information you are loooking for.

 img-4428.jpg     2013-07-17-11.15.18-1.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many of our customers ask very similar questions about a variety of subjects.  We have developed a downloadable FAQ document to help answer some of the questions you may have. 

Click Here to download the FAQ

We also have a great ”How To” Section at the top of every page of the website where you will find lots of relevant information that will help you to choose the best cabin for you need and how to go about getting them to the fully built stage at your property including:


Contact Us:

If you still have questions why not send us your question using our enquiry form or give us a call on 01362 470075.

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