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Why should I buy from Cabins Unlimited? 

We are different!

Unlike most other web agents you may come across when researching your timber building needs, we have a huge personal experience, over 25 years in fact, of manufacturing & supplying& installing timber and timber buildings into the UK market. We can help you in a qualified and professional manner from your enquiry stage right through to installing the building for you. We are not a business that has been derived from being good at making websites and then go on to sell everything from Chinese Chicken Houses to Trampolines to Log Cabins – and there are many of those about who have no knowledge of their products. We have become leading retailers of a range of carefully selected, very high quality timber buildings in a very different manner. We have come from the hands on route where owned timber building companies, we have designed, supplied and built timber buildings of many types to many customers for many years and then progressed our skills to our Cabins Unlimited outlet. We probably have as much, if not more, knowledge of our products than any other outlet we know.

Try us and see for yourself!


Do I need planning permission for my building? 

We always recommend that any customer not sure of Planning Permission and Building Regulation requirements in their own local area, contact their local authorities for clarification on local rules. We know from vast experience that different planning authorities give differing advice to our customers located in different parts of the country. In short, any building over 2.5m of ridge height and built closer than 2m to any boundary, usually requires planning permission. If you can build the cabin more than 2m from any boundary you can have a ridge height of up to 4m. These rules generally apply to Apex style roofs. If you have a sloping or pent roof the rules are slightly different and you can go from 2.5m to 3m under the same conditions. Above and beyond these height rules there are also floor area rules too! Any building over 30m2 of internal size requires Planning Permission. Any building you wish to live in, or have water running into or out, of generally requires Building Regulation approval. This is different and extra to Planning Permission Approval. The rules are quite variable around the country and hence we do not offer any specific advice on planning in any given area. The information we advise here is very general and may not be specific to you or your building in your own local area. Always consult with your local authorities if in any doubt. More information is available on our “How” section of our website 


Does your pricing include VAT?

Yes all of our pricing quoted on our website and literature already includes VAT.


How do I find out about any current offers? 

If you wish to keep up to date with any news, offers, information and listings please like our facebook page and follow us on twitter, found in the links below.

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Do you offer an installation service?

Yes. We do some installations ourselves. We do not have time to do all the installations our customers require and so we also work closely with a few selected expert installers of log cabins too. We can provide you with a quote to install any of our buildings anywhere in the country. Please do give us a call for a quote based on your chosen building and your location. Some example of the installs we have completed for customers can be seen by clicking here – we have installed hundreds so just a few examples.


Should I upgrade to Felt Shingle Roof Tiles?

Yes without a doubt!  Our Felt Shingle Roof Tiles are very heavy duty and very long lasting. They are made from thick bitumen and are incredibly waterproof, when laid correctly. Over 95% of all customer who order buildings with us take our felt shingle roof tiles. The reason is simple a standard shed felt might last 5 years. Our felt shingle roof tiles have a life expectancy of 25 years plus! Furthermore, the felt shingle roof tiles look great on top of any building. It’s a very worthwhile investment especially as you are not likely going to need to replace them for many decades to come – unlike standard roll out roofing felt. Felt shingle tiles are suitable for Apex roof buildings but not ideal for shallow pitch buildings or flat roof buildings. The building needs to have a pitch of at least 12 degrees to ensure they perform correctly.     


How do I fit Felt Shingle Roof Tiles? 

Please see our “Advice” section here on our website for very detailed information on how we actually fit our felt shingle roof tiles to our log cabins Click here.


What is EPDM Roofing? 

EPDM is a type of roofing that is exclusive to only some of our Palmako products. It is a synthetic rubber roofing material perfect for the waterproofing of Log Cabins and many other Timber Buildings, sealing any and every hole that water may leak through when laid correctly. The E refers to ethylene, P to propylene, D to diene and the M refers to its classification in ASTM.

How long will delivery take for my building?

Delivery times vary for all of our cabin brands. The delivery information for each of the brands are as follows:


All Lasita Log Cabins include free delivery.

Delivery times are generally around 4 weeks from your order date. If we have this model in the UK ready for shorter delivery, delivery times could be only 7-10 days.

Prior to the delivery of the cabin, you will receive a call direct from our delivery company who will book in the delivery with. You will know the day of the delivery well before it takes place, so you can plan around that.


All Palmako Log Cabins/Buildings include free delivery.

Delivery times are generally around 4 weeks from your order date. If we have this model in the UK ready for shorter delivery, delivery times could be only 7-10 days.

Cabins are delivered by the manufacturers. They are offloaded using a Moffat Forklift or similar and placed as near as possible to where you indicate but vehicles are not permitted to drive on private property. Vehicles are large and you must notify us if access is likely to be an issue. Drivers will offload the cabin to the ground for you but are not permitted to help in any other way. Delivery can also be made using HI-AB.


All Eurovudas Log Cabins/Buildings do not include delivery. The Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout when you enter your postcode.

Delivery times are generally around 4 weeks from your order date. If we have this model in the UK ready for shorter delivery, delivery times could be only 7-10 days.


Additional Delivery Information:

After we have received your order and payment for your chosen building, we will then organise for the factory to manufacture and onward deliver your building to you. Deliveries are typically 3 to 4 weeks after we have received your order and payment.

We do hold stocks of certain cabins here in the UK. If your chosen model happens to be in our warehouse in the UK when you order, then delivery can be sooner for you and often in under 2 weeks. Delivery times vary according to the time of year. In summer we are extremely busy on deliveries and so delivery times will extend slightly.

Once the factory has your order they will take over on the delivery advice information to you. You will receive a call directly from our delivery companies who will call you to advise and/or agree a suitable delivery time with you. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 6pm. Usually our delivery vehicles will be carrying 5 or 6 cabins at as time from our storage warehouse and so exact delivery times can't be given but an approximate time is usually provided. Please be advised as with any delivery times may vary due to delays at previous customers, the weather or the traffic conditions on the day.

Our cabins are delivered on a large flatbed vehicle, similar in size to a large council dustbin lorry to give you an idea and will usually be delivered on a crane offload vehicle, called a Hi-ab - some deliveries may be also be made using a Moffat Forklift offload

Here is an image of the vehicles which may well deliver your won cabin to you. You will see they are quite large.

We can't therefore offer a delivery service down narrow country lanes because of this. We can though deliver to a point as close to your property as is possible, for you to onward deliver yourself, in the case you have restricted delivery access to your property.

If you have any concerns regarding delivery please do make contact with us prior to placing your orders and will be happy to help and clarify anything you might require before you receive a delivery from us. It is the customers responsibility to let us know of any issues that could arise when your building is delivered. To let us know of any issues please give us a call or send us a completed site survey form which can by found by clicking here.


When will I get a delivery date? 

You will receive a call from the courier around a week before we would like to deliver to discuss a date with you. This date may vary.


Can you deliver abroad? 

 Unfortunately we are currently only able to deliver to Mainland UK addresses.


Is there an option for the garden building to come pre-treated? 

We do not sell any of our log cabins as pre-treated. They will arrive with you in their natural untreated state. This is deliberate.  Timber is a natural product and will swell when any moisture i.e. wood stain is applied to it. The wall logs are precision machined for a tight and accurate fit during the assembly of the cabin. If the wall logs were treated before assembling of them, they would not fit together properly. The tolerance is so accurate that this is the case.


What treatment do you recommend? 

We only recommend our super high quality Rystix Woodstains. These have been specially formulated for the harsh South African climate and so the products deal with our relatively moderate UK climate with ease. For example on our Exterior Sealer products, if you give your timber 3 coats to begin with, you shouldn’t have to treat it again for up to 8 years ! Fantastic Products indeed. They are very easy to apply, work very effectively, and come in several standard colours. Click Here 


Do you offer Insulation Kits for your buildings? 

Yes. We are quite unique as a company in, that we can provide a roof & floor insulation kit for any log cabin even ones we do not trade ourselves! We have these produced for us to order here in the UK and we require 2-3 week’s notice to supply. The kit provides all that you need to insulate the floor and roof of any cabin or other timber building. Please enquire for a quotation for our kits to suit your building. Only a very small percentage of our buildings have only roof insulation available however these building are still more than capable of providing you with the insulation you need in your cabin.  Click here for details


Do you have a show site? 

We have a showsite in Dereham, Norfolk which has  a selection of cabins for you to come and view. If you have any questions about what we have on our showsite and opening times please give us a call. The show site address is as follows:

Cabins Unlimited, Aldiss Park, Norwich Road, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 3PX


Can a wood burner be installed in your Log Cabin? 

Yes. There are many hundreds of log cabins in the UK that have wood burners fitted to them. Some of our customers have done just that. There are rules and guidelines on installing wood burning stoves to timber buildings and any good supplier/fitter will know the rules and regulations.  We recommend contacting a specialist Log Stove installer who will provide you with the requirements and costs involved. 


What is the life expectancy on your Log Cabins? 

The life expectancy is not a known entity as it all depends on what cabin you buy, what environment it is located in, from where, installed by whom and importantly treated with what.

If you use our Rystix wood care treatments then you can give one of our cabins 3 coats of our exterior wood sealer products and then not have to treat it again for up to 8 years ! Our stains are super high quality and actually developed for the harsh South African market where they have been rigorously tested in extreme weather conditions which is why they are such long lasting products.

In principle, if you buy a good quality cabin like our ones (there are lots of not so good ones out there!) and you put it on a very level base and it is built properly and then looked after as required by treating it then there is no reason why it should not last you many decades to come.

You can find a great deal of technical information in the HOW section of our website: http://www.cabinsunlimited.co.uk/how-to/
- along with over 400 different cabins that we trade and install. www.cabinsunlimited.co.uk


Do you offer a guarantee? 

Yes all of our buildings come with a 5 years guarantee, however as stated before can last for many years more depending on how well the building is treated.


What if I find my building is damaged when I receive it? 

If you find any damaged parts when you unpacking your building simply send us a photograph and we will send you a replacement part as soon as possible, damage to our building rarely happens but due to transport sometimes it is unavoidable. In some circumstances we may not be able to replace damaged parts immediately as parts may have to be manufactured.

We are not able to accept responsibility for delay in installation or any costs incurred owing to damaged or missing items or delayed delivery as this is outside of our control. Please report any issues relating to the product within 14 days from receipt of delivery.


What if I am missing a component? 

We have only once had a customer with a part missing from their building, if you do find you have a part missing please let us know as soon as possible and we will get that part shipped out to you. Please see damaged parts section.


Is there any restictions on living in one of your Log Cabins? 

The log cabins we supply are superb quality and as with all other cabins of a similar nature, are great for using at home for a multitude of purposes.

The problem in the UK for using log cabins to live in, is that they require certification and a greatly increased specification, as far as U values for one - to achieve the current UK Building Regulations. This is different than planning permission, which will also be required.

Whilst any one of our multi-room log cabins will be great for living, in none of them meet UK Building Regulations which are constantly under change. So the factories will not make a mass product to meet Building Regulations, as they are ever changing.

I should mention that we are currently working with a UK manufacturer to bring to market log cabins that do meet the current UK Building Regulations.

We even produce log cabins with 2 sets of walls and a double roof system, which can be insulated, so very comfortable for habitation but as standard buildings they do not meet UK Building Regulations. Such cabins have to be individually specified by an architect, for us to be able to offer a building that we know will be passed by building control. Furthermore, the different planning authorities all have their own ideas of what they require in their local areas. One building accepted in one place will not necessarily be accepted in another. This is the simple reason we can’t currently offer buildings that meet the UK Building Regulations.

However, we have sold many log cabins from our range that our customers buy as multi room buildings. What they use the buildings for is the customer decision alone.

Please be aware that the onus is on the customer and not the supplier to ensure the customer obtains any necessary planning or building regulation approval. We mention this as we are up front and honest about it. We know for a fact that many other web agent’s, will not tell you this, as they do not want to risk losing a sale. They will be very vague if you task them on the subject of Planning Permission or Building Regulations approval. We would rather not take the sale if the customer will then run into issues with planning.


Can your buildings be classed as mobile/temporary structures? 

You will almost certainly find that when you speak with your local planning authority and we recommend you do this very early on in your project, to save a lot of wasted time, they will tell you that you can have a log cabin to live in - as long as it is classed as mobile. The rules in the UK we think are well a little strange shall we say but this is the facts of the matter in 99% of all of our enquiries for habitable log cabins. Why should the fact, that a cabin can be classed as mobile, make any difference to the quality of the building required – but it does.

The rules and regulations for a mobile building are much less stringent that that for a permanent or static building – strange but true!

This is the reason we are asked, on a daily basis, if our log cabins can be classed as mobile.

No such cabins can be classed as mobile. They are huge buildings and built on site from individual component parts. We have spent many years installing log cabins. We have enquiries every day from customers wanting to live in our log cabins and then come back and ask - can they be made as mobile units.

However we can achieve a building that will meet UK Building Regulations. The cost is many times that of a standard cabin and you will need to employ an architect to advise to us the actual specification of the doors/windows/floor/roof components for a cabin that meets the expectations of your local planning authority. It can be achieved, it takes a long time and is very costly.

For this reason, we have been working very closely with a UK manufacturer, to bring to market a range of super high quality park homes which are built to UK building regulations, but built with log cabin timbers -which is unique as far as we know.

We do have a display site of these absolutely super deluxe buildings, for our customers to view, which can be supplied as fully fitted even down to a Plasma TV on the wall!


Is there anything else I should know when purchasing a Log Cabin? 

There is tons of stuff you may want to consider when purchasing a Log Cabin or another timber building. To download our FREE advice guide please click here.


How do I place an order? 

The best way to place you order is by giving us a call so that we can take your order over the phone and discuss anything you may be unsure about. Alternatively you can place your order online by going through checkout.

Full payment for your purchase is taken up front, you can choose to make payment over multiple methods if you wish.


What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept payment from most major credit cards, we also accept payment by bank transfer. Charges do not apply to credit cards.


What happens after I have placed my order? 

You will receive an order confirmation via email with all details of your order, once you have read through to make sure all details are correct and we have received your acceptance of our terms & conditions we will then begin to process your order.

Once all details are checked a member of staff will email you to provide you with all documents and useful guides you may need for your building including the installation manual.


Is there anyway of earning money back from my purchase? 

Yes - we currently have a customer cashback referral scheme in place which allows you to earn £50 back from your purchase every time a referral you have made ends in a sale. You can read more information and sign up for the scheme by clicking here.