Ex Display Sale


We occasionally have a few ex-display models available at discounted prices.   Ex-Display models generally do not hang around for very long as our display cabins are always kept in great condition and offered at a highly reduced price! Please contact us on 01362 470075 to discuss your requirements.  Check out any available ex-display models below.

Prices are for collection and self dismantling however we can quote extra for these services. Please be aware, you will more than likely require replacement shingle tiles or EPDM due to these both more than likely sustaining damage when dismantling the building and removing the roof covering - we can quote for replacement roof coverings too.  The price for the cabins and summerhouses listed does not include the base that it is sitting on at our site.  If the shingles tiles are not able to be removed without breaking them, you can also purchase new tiles and roof coverings from us.

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