How are the buildings pre-treated?

Albany pre-treat their buildings with a spray gun at their factory, coating the outside only. The treatment process can result in some colour variations or drying marks which will not effect the performance of the treatment nor the building.

What benefits are there with having the building pre-treated?

The building being treated prior to delivery to you means that you will not need to worry about treating the building immediately to protect it from the elements. At the best of times, it can be difficult to get suitable weather conditions in the UK that would allow you to paint your building, be it due to cold weather or rain. With the pre-treatment option, this means that regardless of when you order your building you will not have to worry about the building being damaged by the elements and it allows you to paint your building when during a warm clear day (the best conditions to treat your building).

Does pre-treatment cause a longer lead time?

The lead time typically does not get effected by the option to pre-treat Albany buildings as the manufacturer typically get orders for their buildings to be pre-treated therefore they have made steps to ensure this will not cause delays.

What colour pre-treatment is available?

Albany provide a brown pre-treatment which can also be provided in the form of a 5L tub of timber treatment, however due to the application being via a sprayer, the colour when applied by a paintbrush will be darker.

How long will the pre-treatment be effective for/when will I need to re-treat the building?

Albany recommend re-treating the building within the first 6 to 12 months of the building being installed. This is to ensure the building is kept protected as although Albany provide a pre-treatment service, this is more of a travel coat.

What do you recommend to use to re-treat the building with?

Not only do we recommend Sadolin to be used on all our sheds and cabins, Albany also recommend the use of a Sadolin product when re-treating the building. You can find more information on Sadolin products in our timber treatment area of our website.

Please note: Not all Albany products have a pre-treatment service which include the following:
Charnwood A, B, C & D
Charnwood Pent
Charnwood Shed