Bespoke Service

We are incredibly proud to be able to offer a bespoke service on our log cabins by utilising our supplier 'Timber Cabins' that allow almost any changes and designs to be produced!

Will a Bespoke design mean an increase in price compared to a standard model?

Generally speaking, the pricing is somewhat more expensive due to the fact that standard models and produced in bulk and therefore it is cheaper for the supplier to manufacture multiple of the same at once and would typically have to pause production to put through one bespoke model. However, with Bespoke Cabins almost all of the work they undertake is Bespoke buildings and therefore they don't end up producing large quantities of standard models.

What is the process for Bespoke designs?

To begin with, we will request a rough sketch of the design you have in mind, detailing any dimensions for the width and depth along with the location of doors and windows. We don't require anything technical upfront, a simple hand drawn floor plan will suffice plenty and allow us to submit this to the suppliers to obtain a quotation. 

Once we have the pricing back, we will send you a full quotation including 3D plans of your design along with any extras that you require/desire such as insulation, shingle tiles or our installation and/or base service.

From this point, when you accept the quotation we will take payment and place the order with the supplier and have you sign off on the plans before it is passed onto the production line. 

Can the cabin be pre-treated?

Our supplier is now able to offer pre-treatment on their windows and doors, but is unable to pre-treat the logs themselves of the building. The current pricing that we charge per window and door is as follows:

Single Door: £60.00
Double Door: £120.00
Single Window: £40.00
Double Window: £80.00

What sort of lead time can be expected?

This can fluctuate based on demand and workload, however we tend to advise a lead time of roughly 6-8 weeks upon ordering.

Do you have suggestions to help me get started? 

Take a look through the supplier's brochure below for some inspiration along with information on their buildings and quality.

Where can I see some previous work you have completed for past customers?

We have an album of our past Bespoke models on our Flickr page here!

How do I obtain a quote?

If you complete the below form and submit it to us, we will come back to you within 3-5 working days with a full quotation! If there is anything further we need we will contact you before with further questions.