How are the buildings pre-treated?

Lasita's buildings are pre-treated on the exterior only with 3 sides of the walls being treated, leaving the interior untreated for a natural look and feel. Lasita offers 4 different colours and the windows and doors are painted in cream white prior to shipping from the factory. The roof boards and purlins remain untreated.

What benefits are there with having the building pre-treated?

The treatment that Lasita provide protects against harmful weather conditions, UV radiation, insect infestation, mold, fungi and bluing. Not only is this imperative to ensure the warranty remains valid on all buildings (by having the building treated either post installation or pre-treated), but it takes away the pressure of needing to treat the building once it is constructed. In particular, with the UK's unpredictable weather conditions, it ensures that you do not need to stress about utilising what little sunshine we typically get to spend time applying 3 coats of treatment to your building. The building will not need re-treating for up to 2 years however light "touch-ups" may be needed subject to weather conditions.

Does pre-treatment cause a longer lead time?

Typically, the lead time is an additional 4 weeks due to demand of the pre-treatment service as well as the process of applying the treatment and drying. 

What colour pre-treatment is available?

Lasita provide the following:

  • Falu Red
  • Glacier Green
  • Carbon Grey
  • Light Grey

How long will the pre-treatment be effective for/when will I need to re-treat the building?

Lasita recommend re-treating the building after 2 years.

What do you recommend to use to re-treat the building with?

We recommend the use of Sadolin Superdec or Rystix on all of our sheds and cabins and you can find more information on these products in our timber treatment area of our website.