How are the buildings pre-treated?

Palmako have their very own treatment baths where they will load the logs inside to ensure every nook and cranny is treated with their pre-treatment service. Of course, this is restricted to a certain width of log, therefore not every single model has this service available. You will be able to see if the model you are interested in has pre-treatment to offer via the Cabin Pricing tab in the description or in the options when adding extras to your cabin on the product page.

What benefits are there with having the building pre-treated?

The building being treated prior to delivery to you means that you will not need to worry about treating the building immediately to protect it from the elements. At the best of times, it can be difficult to get suitable weather conditions in the UK that would allow you to paint your building, be it due to cold weather or rain. With the pre-treatment option, this means that regardless of when you order your building you will not have to worry about the building being damaged by the elements and it allows you to paint your building when during a warm clear day (the best conditions to treat your building). In addition to this, it ensures that every board is covered in treatment in every hard to reach area, including the roof and floor boards and in between each groove.

Does pre-treatment cause a longer lead time?

The lead time can sometimes extend the standard delivery time, particularly if there are multiple orders from ourselves and other retailers of Palmako models due to enter the treatment bath. This is a first come first serve service and therefore the sooner you place your order with pre-treatment the sooner you will receive your building.

What colour pre-treatment is available?

Palmako provide the following:

  • Grey Pre-Treatment
  • Brown Pre-Treatment
  • White/Clear Pre-Treatment

How long will the pre-treatment be effective for/when will I need to re-treat the building?

We recommend treating the building as soon as possible after your building has been installed as this pre-treatment offers protection during transit rather than a long term coating. Palmako recommend treating the building sooner than 3 months after installation otherwise you may find your timber turning greyish and blue and eventually become mouldy. 

What do you recommend to use to re-treat the building with?

We recommend the use of Sadolin Superdec or Rystix on all of our sheds and cabins and you can find more information on these products in our timber treatment area of our website.