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Edinburgh 240 - 4.5m x 2.8m - 40mm Log Cabin - Under 2.5m

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The Edinburgh 240 Log Cabin from Lasita Maja, built with 40mm logs.

Part of our Lasita Corner Cabin range the Edinburgh 4.5m x 2.8m / 14.5ft x 9ft Cabin has glazing on all sides. It has plenty of room inside and would make a really nice addition to your garden or even business. It could easily be used for a Hot Tub, general summerhouse, leisure room or commonly as a home office. It comes with 40mm Logs and double doors plus 2 opening side windows with double glazing as standard.   

FREE delivery to mainland UK. Estimated delivery time for this building currently stands at approximately 3-5 weeks from confirmation of order, stock of this building can also mean an earlier delivery time so please give us a call to check if this building is in stock.

PLEASE NOTE: Our superior Insulation Kits that we supply as an optional extra alongside every building are supplied by a different manufacturer to the building itself. As the insulation kits we supply are fitted on top of the building to create a warm roof system this does increase the height of the roof and as a result the standard fascia boards supplied with the building will be too small both in height and length as they have been designed for use with shingle tiles only. Customers who have purchased insulation kits from us for this building will need to purchase additional fascia timbers from a local timber merchant that are at least 40mm bigger than those supplied as standard, sizes for which can be found in the installation guide below.  Customers fitting the building themselves will then need to mitre cut them to size.  If you are having one of our 3rd party install teams fit your building, then the work for fitting the facias will be included in the price quoted as long as the replacement timbers are available to the fitters on installation day.

Please Note: Although all of our cabins come with FREE Delivery, this is only applicable for England and Wales. Scotland requires an additional delivery charge so please call us on 01362470075 if you require a price for delivery to Scotland.

Lasita Edinburgh 240 Log Cabin

         Log Cabin Quick Facts
 Base Size Metric 2.8m x 4.48m
 Base Size Imperial 9ft 3 inches x 14ft 9 inches
 Log Thickness 40mm
 Roof Type Hipped
 Floor Area 11.4m2
 Wall Height 2.05m
Ridge Height 2.46m
Roof Boards 18mm
Floor Boards 18mm
 Door  Double (1) - 1494 x 1736 mm
 Window  Single (3) - 525 x 1560 mm
Glazing Double
Reversible Construction Available Yes - requires additional parts @ £145


Cabin Price £2890
Roof & Floor Insulation £1130
Roll Out Felt and Shingle Tiles £310
Upgrade Door Handle £85
Upgrade Window Handles - Lockable £45
ProBase - 54 Tiles £320


Installation Pricing
Cabin with Roofing Material £720
Insulation Fitting £265
 Concrete Base £1980
ProBase Fitting & Supply £780


Please click the below image to download the installation guide for this building. The installation guide provides you with the floor plans, specification and also full parts list. 




Roof & Floor Insulation

This timber building comes with the option of purchasing our specialist Celotex Insulation Kits alongside it to dramatically reduce the amount of heat lost through the floor and roof. Designed to fit on top of the roof and under the floorboards which means that you won’t lose head height in your cabin and still retain the natural timber look inside your building as well as saving on heating costs. Please see our insulation page to view more information on our insulation kits. 

Celotex Insulation Kit




We can offer an installation service all over mainland UK. 

Some of the images and video may show inwards tilt and turn windows but the manufacturer has changed the design to outwards opening windows to avoid rain water ingress.  



Base Options


All buildings available to purchase on our website will have to be fitted onto a firm, flat and level base to prevent any issues with installation or in the future. Typically there are many different types of base that are suitable for this building, these include Concrete Bases, Paving Slabs, Timber Bases and many more. Whilst all of these options are suitable when level, we recommend the use of ProBase - ProBase is an ultra-strong interlocking plastic base capable of holding the weight of more than several tons. ProBase provides a cheaper and easier alternative to the concrete base, with additional benefits such as drainage and swift delivery prior to your building arriving. For cosmetic purposes, more tiles can be purchased should you wish to have a border round the outside of the building to improve the look of the base.

ProBase - Plastic Interlocking Bases


Timber Treatment



Exterior: Normally this Log Cabin will require approximately 12 Litres of wood coatings to give it 3 good coats of treatment, depending on a number of variables being moisture content, humidity/weather during application, thickness of application, drying time between coats etc. We recommend use of our Rystix Exterior Armadek (Water Based) during colder winter months owing to drying times. 3 coats will provide up to 8 years of protection without the need to re-treat, which means that you will save both time and money in having to re-treat each year.  

Interior: Please also consider alongside exterior protection the purchase of our very high quality interior wood protection products. These offer great protection to the inside surfaces of your timber building which will be, unless treated very susceptible to dirty marks, scratches and other stains. We have Interior Armafloor (Water Based) and Interior Wood Sealer (Oil Based) to solve this issue.

Rystix Timbacare Products 



WARRANTY • Your garden house has a two-year warranty, and we give the wooden wall elements (except those of the 19-mm wall) a special extended warranty of five years. You will find the terms and conditions of the warranty below. • Repairing or replacing the product during the warranty period will not extend the warranty period or grant a new warranty with a new warranty period. The warranty on elements replaced or repaired during the warranty period expires at the same time as the warranty period of the product. 1. General warranty conditions 1.1. The garden house (hereinafter: the Product) shall be purchased from a Manufacturer or an authorised distributor of the Manufacturer (hereinafter: the Seller) and the end-user of the Product (hereinafter: the Buyer) must have fully paid for the Product by the time of the warranty incident. 1.2. The Buyer shall ensure that the Product is selected for its intended purpose and is suitable for installation in the planned location (e.g. year-round use as an office). 1.3. The warranty period starts from the moment the Product is delivered to the Buyer and the accompanying documents have been signed. The warranty is valid provided that the installation instructions are strictly followed. Modifications made to the Product or parts thereof shall be coordinated in advance with the Seller. 1.4. A warranty incident is considered to be a possible fault in the structure of the Product or a defect in and/or missing element which is not excluded from the warranty as per Article 2. 1.5. The Seller must be notified immediately of any deficiencies in the Product detected during the warranty period, but at the latest within five working days of the date the deficiency was discovered. When submitting a complaint, it must be accompanied by one or more photos, a description of the deficiency, the article number of the Product and the serial number given by the manufacturer (as marked on the last page of the installation instructions and on the label attached to the packaging). 1.6. The scope of warranty liability is exclusively limited to the faulty element to be replaced under warranty. The Buyer and Seller shall agree on the quickest possible delivery date and location. The scope of warranty liability excludes transport, installation, time and communication costs related to the detection of the defect and installation. The Seller shall not be held liable before the Buyer or a third party for any incidental or consequential damage arising from the deficiency in the Product. 1.7. In case of doubt, the Seller reserves the right to process the incident for longer than 14 working days and to involve experts, of its own volition, to establish whether: • the Product was installed according to the provided installation instructions; and • circumstances exist which exclude the warranty liability described in Article 2. 1.8. The Seller has the right to claim compensation from the Buyer for the costs incurred in processing an unjustified complaint. 2. This warranty excludes the following: 2.1. Damage caused by the incorrect storage of the Product after the Product has been delivered to the Buyer (exposed to weather conditions, in contact with the ground or in heated rooms) or damage occurring during transport and installation. Damage occurring during transport (if the Product was delivered to the home address or another address of the Buyer) which can be determined before accepting the goods (i.e. before unloading from the vehicle) shall be recorded by taking one or more photos, which shall be forwarded to the Seller. 2.2. Mistakes made during installation of the Product: • the installation instructions were ignored during the installation process; • weather conditions (strong wind, snow, ice or rain) which could harm the Product were not taken into consideration during installation; • the distance between the upper edge of the foundation or the first wall element of the house is less than 45 mm; • the outer edge of the bottom wall row is not installed 3-5 mm beyond the outer edge of the foundation; • the subframe is not level and square; • no damp-proof barrier has been installed between the foundation and structure; • the entire Product has not been finished with wood preservative immediately after installation, including the doors and windows, which should be finished on both sides (to prevent discolouration, bending and expanding). When choosing wood preservatives, an expert/paint seller should be consulted; • in terms of ensuring the durability of the Product, it has not been sufficiently protected against weather conditions, e.g. by means of roofing covering strips and fastening strips, anchors, storm strips or other means, even if the listed accessories are not included in the garden house set; • objects have been rigidly fastened to a wall which prevent the normal drying, shrinking, settling or expanding of the Product (which must also be taken into consideration when fastening the nut of the storm strip); • during installation of the roof boards 1-2 mm of expansion space has not been provided; and/or • for roofing felt (if this is included in the garden house set) meant to be used as an underlayer with the roofing material. 2.3. Peculiarities of wood as a natural material: • expanding, shrinking (below 3% in width and thickness), differences in colour and twisting and bending of elements, none of which hamper the installation of the garden house; • intact/ingrown knots in elements of the Product which do not harm its stability; • unplaned areas, dull areas or areas where knots extend beyond the edge of the roof or floor boards of the garden house, if the boards can be installed so that these defects remain hidden after final finishing (e.g. by rotating the boards); • knots with a max. diameter of 20 mm extending beyond the elements of the Product, including if they appear on the edge of an element of the Product but remain hidden in the structure after final finishing; • small fissures or cracks formed in the Product (as a result of drying) which have not penetrated through and do not hamper the stability of the Product’s structure; and • wax pockets in elements of the Product. 2.4. Finger-jointed wooden elements used in the Product. 2.5. Damage related to the normal wear and tear of the Product (e.g. signs of wear on floor boards or the doorsill). 2.6. Glazed units/glass panes mechanically damaged by the Buyer, broken or thermally broken (which may occur when the difference in temperature of the glass in the central area and in the hidden edge area of a pane or glazed unit exceeds the critical value). 2.7. Reasons related to normal physical phenomena (e.g. the formation of condensation on windows). 2.8. Damage related to unforeseeable factors (e.g. vandalism, flooding, storms or tornadoes). The Buyer shall lose their entitlement to the warranty in the following cases: • the Buyer does not verify the quantity, completeness and quality of the Product and elements thereof within a reasonable time following delivery and acceptance of the Product and in all cases before installation; • elements with defects have already been installed or painted, but the deficiency in the Product would have been noticeable during inspection. The detected deficiency shall be recorded as described in article 1.5; and/or • the Buyer submits to the Seller wrong or insufficient data regarding the Product or warranty incident or documents proving the purchase are not submitted

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  • 5
    Thank you

    Posted by Graham Clark on 27th Oct 2015

    Over the last week we managed to take advantage of a few days of dry weather and get the cabin installed. All went together very well and I am really happy with the cabin, the build was straightforward and the quality of the timber is excellent.

  • 5
    Extremely Satisfied

    Posted by Mark Jordon on 23rd Jun 2015

    The service was wholly professional from start to finish. Great quality product.

    Review for Edinburgh 240 Log Cabin

  • 5

    Posted by Jay Morton on 10th Nov 2014

    No issues at all, the building is great!

  • 5
    edinburgh 2 self installation

    Posted by peter harris on 5th Oct 2014

    Very pleased wth result so far . Took delivery in august and decided to self build. Managed almost entirely on my own
    Prepared by laying a pattern of blocks on a sand and subbase, stored the cabin wood in my garage on the delivery pallet
    its quite a task logistically managing the build order from the garage. August was a wet month so a tarpaulin was neccessary to
    cover. My wife helped with lifting the windows and roof ridge beam, my brother in law lifting the doors. The rest I managed.
    the roof panels slid up with a good heave, some carpentry basic skills help a little with the hip roof. Used a local roofer to
    lay the shingles and choose red ...very pleased with outcome. If you plan to self build I recommend you buy 4 off irwin sash clamps.
    Essential for clamping the roof sections and perfect for taking any twist out of long wall logs on assembly.

  • 5
    Very efficient, very quick and very competitive

    Posted by James Prisk on 4th Apr 2014

    The guys at Cabins Unlimited were very good and could not fault them. There was a small problem with 1 pack of tiles being missing on the delivery which affected them installing the cabin however it was solved very quickly and efficiently. Overall, very efficient, very quick and very competitive

  • 5
    A great little cabin.

    Posted by Jeanne Mycock on 4th Apr 2014

    Great service.
    Nothing missing in the order, everything was there in good condition -

  • 5
    A trusted company

    Posted by Matthew Cook on 4th Apr 2014

    Having Recently been stung by another log cabin company, I was delighted to receive my cabin from Cabins Unlimited as promised. Very good service and excellent product quality.

  • 5
    Great Cabin, service and value for money. Recommended

    Posted by Muddyranger on 21st May 2013

    Very happy with the speed of delivery. Seller and haulier very helpful.

  • 5
    Some satisfied customers - we love this cabin!

    Posted by Patrick Sloan on 29th Apr 2013

    Finished the log cabin and quite chuffed with ourselves at getting the jig saw puzzle completed without any problems of any consequence. All the parts were there which was very reassuring and it fitted my base perfectly!! Minor bit of damage on one floor panel which we manage to repair satisfactorily. Very satisfied with final result, which looks as good as your advert picture.
    Driver was excellent as he plonked the pack over my garden fence exactly where required. All due to the giant hi-ab on the vehicle.
    Excellent product/

  • 5
    The best thing I have ever brought for my business.

    Posted by Matthew Cook - Norwich on 22nd Apr 2013

    • How did you find our staff?
    The staff at Cabins Unlimited were extremely helpful and were happy to discuss the various options available to me over the telephone and via email

    • How easy was it to order?
    Placing the order was very easy and Rob was extremely helpful as I had recently had a very bad experience with another manufacture Cabins Unlimited were like a breath of fresh air and couldn’t have been more user friendly

    • How happy with the installation and the end result?
    Really pleased with the end result. If anybody is installing themselves don’t ignore the advice on the website regarding your base as it’s the most important thing you will do.
    • What will you be using the cabin for?
    I am using the cabin for a home office and it’s the best thing I have ever brought for my business.
    • Would you recommend Cabins Unlimited and what would you say?
    Yes I would recommend them no problem at all

    On a scale of 1-5 (1 being low and 5 high) please rate the following:

    • Ease of ordering = 5
    • Communication from Cabins Unlimited = 5
    • Delivery = 5
    • Quality of Cabin = 5
    • Installation of Cabin = 5