Home Bars Ideas For Your Garden Summerhouse

Home Bars Ideas For Your Garden Summerhouse

Published by Charlotte O'Donnell on 11th Mar 2024

Creating a home bar in your summerhouse can be a delightful way to make the most of warm, sunny days and enjoy outdoor living to the fullest. Here are some of the best home bar ideas tailored for summerhouses:

Tiki Bar Retreat:

- Bring a touch of the tropics to your summerhouse by designing a tiki bar. Use bamboo, thatched roofing, and tropical decorations to create a beachy atmosphere.

- Serve up refreshing piña coladas, mai tais, and other fruity cocktails.

- Add a few tiki torches and colourful lanterns for an exotic vibe.


Rustic Garden Bar

- Embrace the natural surroundings of your summerhouse by opting for a rustic garden bar. Use reclaimed wood for the bar top and shelves.

- Decorate with potted plants, herbs, and flowers to enhance the garden feel.

- Serve garden-fresh cocktails and herbal-infused drinks.


Nautical Beach Bar:

- Incorporate a nautical theme with blue and white decor, driftwood, and maritime accessories.

- Hang fishing nets, seashells, and lifebuoys for a coastal ambiance.

- Offer classic beach cocktails like mojitos, daiquiris, and sea breeze drinks.


Poolside Bar

- If your summerhouse is near a pool or has access to one, consider a poolside bar.

- Install a bar counter with barstools overlooking the pool for a resort-like experience.

- Serve poolside favourites like frozen margaritas, sangria, and ice-cold beer.


Farmhouse Chic Bar

- Create a cosy, shabby-chic bar inside your summerhouse using distressed wood and vintage furnishings.

- Decorate with mason jar glassware, chalkboard menus, and floral arrangements.

- Offer classic cocktails with a twist, such as lavender-infused gin and tonics.


Backyard BBQ Bar:

- Combine your home bar with a barbecue station for the ultimate summer entertainment.

- Create a bar area with a built-in grill, prep space, and a rustic bar counter.

- Serve up grilled delights, craft beers, and homemade barbecue sauces.


Garden Oasis Bar:

- Transform your summerhouse into a garden oasis with lush greenery and hanging plants.

- Incorporate a bar cart or portable bar for flexibility in serving.

- Offer herb-infused cocktails and garden-inspired beverages.


Bohemian Boho Bar:

- Infuse your summerhouse with boho charm using colourful fabrics, eclectic decorations, and floor cushions.

- Set up a low-profile bar with a selection of craft beers and unique cocktails.

- Create a laid-back, free-spirited atmosphere.


Modern Minimalist Bar

- For a sleek and contemporary summerhouse bar, opt for minimalistic design.

- Use clean lines, neutral colours, and minimalist furnishings.

- Serve modern, artisanal cocktails with a focus on quality ingredients.


Remember to consider the layout, seating options, and the availability of storage for bar essentials when designing your summerhouse bar. Tailoring your bar to your personal style and the natural surroundings will create a unique and inviting space to enjoy the sunny days of summer.

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