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Roger Garage 3 - 5.4m x 5.4m - 70mm Log Garage

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 The Roger Garage 3 is a 5.4m x 5.4m log cabin garage building perfect for those who are looking to keep their vehicle in a secure place. A lot of modern homes are now built without garages and the Roger Garage 3 would make a great addition on any drive. Made with 70mm logs which not only ensure the vehicle is kept safe but also shielded from bad weather, this garden building comes with the optional extra of roof insulation if weather is a worry and gate doors as standard. Up and over doors are available at an additional cost.

This Log Cabin is available with the following optional extras:

Rain Gutters
Side Extension
Side Canopy
Window Boxes

FREE delivery to mainland UK. Estimated delivery time for this building currently stands at approximately 5 weeks from confirmation of order, stock of this building can also mean an earlier delivery time so please give us a call to check if this building is in stock. 
Please Note: Although all of our cabins come with FREE Delivery, this is only applicable for England and Wales. Scotland requires an additional delivery charge so please call us on 01362470075 if you require a price for delivery to Scotland.
Roger Garage 3 Quick Facts
 Base Size Metric 5.4m x 5.4m
 Base Size Imperial 17ft 9 ins x 17ft 9 ins
 Log Thickness 70mm
 Roof Type Apex
 Floor Area 27.7m2
 Wall Height 2.3m
Ridge Height 3.12m
Roof Boards 19mm
Floor Boards None
 Door  Optional Up-and-Over Door (1)
Single (1)
 Window  Double (1)
Glazing Double
Reversible Construction Available Yes


Roger Garage 3 Pricing
Cabin Price £5640
Roof Insulation £1210
Felt £285
Shingle Tiles £520
Gate Doors £295
Up-and-Over Door £615
Side Extension £810
Side Canopy £235
Window Box £40
ProBase - 121 Tiles £715


Roger Garage 3 Installation Pricing
Cabin with Roofing Material £1295
Insulation Fitting £365
 Concrete Base £3170
ProBase Fitting & Supply £1245


Please click the below image to download the installation guide for this building. The installation guide provides you with the floor plans, specification and also full parts list.


Roger Garage 3 from Palmako

Warranty Information

PALMAKO AS WARRANTY CONDITIONS AND COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE 1. General provisions 1.1. This document (the “Conditions”) governs the general requirements for the storage and maintenance of the products of Palmako AS (the “Seller”), the conditions of the warranty against defects and the procedure for submitting and handling claims and complaints arising from the warranty. 1.2. Unless stated otherwise, the Conditions shall apply to the sale of all products manufactured by the Seller (the “Product” or “Products”) by the Seller or an authorised reseller of the Seller’s Products regardless of whether the buyer is a person engaged in economic or professional activities or a consumer (the “Buyer”). 2. General requirements for the storage and maintenance of the Products 2.1. Storage of the Product and its packaging before installation. After delivery, the Buyer shall store the Product in a manner that ensures the preservation of the Product and its packaging without any damage. 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Additional Details

Building Type:
Car ports & Garages
Base Size:
5.4m x 5.4m
Roof Style:
Ridge Height:
Over 2.5m
Log Thickness:
1/2 Length
Double Glazing:
Other Features:
Up and Over Door

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