Rystix Timbacare Decking Penetrating Oil - 5L

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Rystix Exterior Penetrating Oil is a low film build, deep penetrating moisture resistant timber sealer. It penetrates into the surface of the timber giving a water repellent durable coating. It also has a high resistance to fungal attack through the action of approved fungicides and biocides. 

It dries slowly to form an attractive matt sheen which enhances the appearance of the original timber. Suitable for application to any softwood or hardwood including timber with a high natural oil content or timber that has been treated with wax based products. 

Economical protective coating for exterior doors, windows, patios and decks, fascias, fences and all woodwork which is likely to be exposed to the weather. 



Application instructions

New timber: Rough sawn timber can be coated as is, the texture of this timber will use more product per square metre. It is advisable to coat this kind of timber with either a roller or a long bristle brush. Sponge or a cloth type applicator will tear apart on the rough surface. Planed timber should be given a light hand sanding with 80 to 100 grit sandpaper to re-open the cellular structure of the timber allow for penetration of the coating. 

Previously coated timber: All old film build type products (varnishes) should be removed completely by sanding and/or scraping back to bare timber. Make sure the timber is clean, dry and free from oils before application, this can be achieved by wiping the surface with a clean cloth moisturised in white spirits, especially if the timber has been pre-treated with creosote, carbolineum or CCA (Tanalith) type treatments. Do not coat in damp or wet conditions, when rain is imminent or in frosty conditions.

Minimal film build: First coat should be applied evenly taking care not to over apply, and should a second coat be required due to high absorption, this should be done while the first coat is still wet, allowing about 30 minutes after first for penetration into the timber. Allow another 30 minutes or more for penetration of second coat thereafter excess coating should be wiped from the surface with a clean cloth moistened with white spirits to remove excess pooling in the areas where there has been less penetration. 

Low film build: Allow at least 12 hours after the first coat, overnight may be sufficient in warm, dry conditions. If the first coat causes slight raising of timber fibers, a very light sanding will restore a smooth surface before the second coat is applied. 

Re-application: Only necessary after 12-18 months depending on severity of the exposure conditions, however your timber should be inspected every 6 months to ensure no discoloration or degradation has taken place. To re-apply, clean the surface with a good quality solvent and allow it to dry before coating. End grain should be given a liberal coating to allow deep penetration. Application can be carried out by means of paint brush, spray gun, pad application or short pile varnish rollers.

Coverage: Approximately 12 square meters per litre, per coat, depending on the porosity and age of the timber to be coated (up to 25 square meters on smooth, sanded surfaces)

Cleaning: Clean brushes and other equipment immediately after use with a good quality commercially available solvent brush cleaner or white spirits.

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    Review of Rystix oil

    Published by Unknown on 4th Oct 2014

    Getting the Rystix penetrating oil was straightforward and it came on day promised. It was an added bonus to get the oil with a free delivery. The product takes some experience in applying but gives a good result and is cheaper than the equivalent of Cuprinol furniture oil.

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